May 24, 2013

How to remove search from Firefox, IE and Chrome completely?

Rcently, my computer has been infected by virus/malware when trying to download “EdVid video editing software” (Please do NOT download or use this video tool).

Once your computer has been infected by search, it will replace your default search engine with search.

You can easily remove this virus for IE and Chrome, but for Firefox, it cannot be removed after several attents.

After searching the solution for a few hours and finally get it remove. For those who has the same problem, here is the complete solution for removing from your computer:

1. Click “Tools/Options” menu, under the “General” tab, reset the default “Home Page” url.

2. Click “View” and choose “Customize”. Then drag the “” search box from your firebox toolbar to the “Customize” box.

3. Go to your computer “Control Panel” page, then choose “Add or Remove Programs”, search for “” and click “Remove”.

4. Type “adress: “about:config” on the Firefiox address box and press “Enter”, this will bring up the “configuration” page. Search for “”, “” will show up in the list. Rrightclick “keyword.URL” and click “Reset”.

Hope above tips helps. Please give your feedback if you have a better solution.

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