Dec 30, 2012
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Email Marketing and Social Media – Strategies for Integrating Campaigns

There has been a lot of talk recently about whether social media killed email marketing.  While elements like spammers and competition have made email marketing more difficult than social media, it is clear that email marketing is far from dead.  In fact, email marketing currently has one of the highest ROI of any online marketing method.

Experts know that it isn’t a question of whether they should be using email marketing or social media.  The question is how to use email marketing and social media together.

How Do You Combine Email And Social Marketing

Integrating Email and Social Media Marketing

We’ve talked about ways to integrate email with social media marketing before, such as:

  • Include social media buttons in your marketing emails
  • Include an email signup form on your social media pages
  • Promote your newsletters at social media pages
  • Promote new blog posts in your newsletters 

However, I wouldn’t consider any of these methods true integration of email and social media.  Instead, it is more like you are bombarding your audience with messages of “I am here and there and everywhere!”  Your audience isn’t going to care that you are on Facebook if your Facebook page tells them the exact same thing as your email newsletter just did or vice versa!

Some marketers have taken integration a bit further.  For example, in one campaign for Hydro Flask, email subscribers were encouraged to join them on social media by giving a discount for “liking” the Facebook page.  While this is a good way of boosting likes, your ultimate goal probably isn’t to get a zillion likes: It is to build long-lasting relationships with your audience to drive conversions.

Here is one example of email and social media marketing really working together: a marketer hosts a poll on her Facebook page.  At the same time, she sends out an email to subscribers telling them about the poll and asking them to take part. One week later, she posts a summary of the results on Facebook.  The full results are sent by email and, for Facebook followers who weren’t subscribers already, a signup link is provided on the Facebook page.

Using Technology to Your Advantage

All of the top email marketing campaign services now have technology for integrating email and social media. However, that doesn’t mean you should be using all of these features.  For example, many email marketing software programs will let you automatically turn your email titles into Twitter tweets.  Most email titles aren’t very Twitter friendly though so this could backfire.

Technology alone isn’t going to integrate your email marketing and social media campaigns (at least beyond those basic means like putting Facebook buttons in your emails).  Instead, you need to figure out creative ways to use the technology at your disposal.

Here is one simple way that you can use technology to integrate email and social media marketing campaigns: Use your email marketing software to keep track of which subscribers follow you on Facebook, which follow you on Twitter, and which follow you on both.  Then, you customize your emails based on what was popular on Facebook or Twitter.  For the subscribers who are only on Facebook, you could even encourage them to get on Twitter by telling them what is happening over there.

There are thousands of creative ways that you can get your email marketing and social media campaigns to work together.  The point is that you need to take it beyond just adding “like” buttons in your emails and signup forms on your fan pages!

Diane Vukovic

Diane Vukovic is a long-time blogger who tackles online marketing from a humanistic, not algorithmic, approach. When she’s not writing for, she’s making delicious vegetarian food.

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