Feb 2, 2011

Why Social + Email Marketing = Success

Lately, I’ve read articles that discuss the downfall of email marketing as a result of the rise of social marketing. Well, I’m not buying into any of this! In fact, these online marketing channels complement one another. If you’re not integrating social and email marketing together yet, it’s time to start now! This is a great way to maximize the results of your marketing efforts in a very cost effective way.

When you combine these two online marketing channels together you have the opportunity to not only broaden the reach of existing offers, but to encourage existing customers to inform their own wider network of your offerings.

Here are some simple steps you can take towards integrating your social and email marketing:

  • Ask your social media followers to opt-in to your mailing lists. Tip: Rather than posting a link to an external sign-up form, you can add an newsletter opt-in form to your Facebook page. Click here for more information.
  • Update your followers on social media sites with a preview of upcoming emails, then link back to your original email in an html format.
  • Add social media sharing buttons in the contents of your email to allow customers to easily share your content with their extended social media networks. Tip: If your email includes several different articles, be sure that each one links to a page on your website for optimal click through.

Want more?

Here’s a great video that gave me the inspiration to write this article

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  • Thanks for this information. Twitter and other social media tools are great tools for developing an online business. If someone is not at the social media things means he is nothing.

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