Jul 22, 2009

How to send personal attachments with your bulk email

No matter what size your business is, we always try to find a way to save time and increase our work efficiency!

Do you experience situations where you want to send personalized attachments to your clients but it takes you days and days? Do you have to go through each individual email address and then insert their personal information manually? Here is a great example; we have a client who has over 1000 customers and they need to send personalized invoices to them every month. What they have been doing previously is manually generating invoices from their CRM, then opens Outlook, copy clients’ email addresses from there CRM and pastes it to Outlook. Then they locate the invoice from the hard disk to send the invoice by attachment one by one. Read More..

Basically, this simple task will usually take up to 3 – 5 days if doing manually. Imagine if you have 2000 or 5000 customers, this task will become a nightmare. Why not try doing this within a few minutes just by a few clicks of a button!!

Mail Communicator V3.0 allows you to personalize the attachments in your emails, “mail merge” your attachments with your mailing list, so that each attachment is personalized according to your mailing list records.

Here is how it works:

• Create the attachments for the individual clients and save these attachments with a unique name as the filename such as the “Invoice-10923.pdf”, where “10923” is the Client ID.
• Within your mailing list you need to have a field name called “[Client ID]” and enlist all the Client IDs of the individual clients accordingly.
• Create your email message and load it to Mail Communicator
• Add the attachment to the email campaign with the filename as the personalized field recorded within the mail list. E.g. [Client ID].pdf
• Schedule or send out your email campaign

Mail Communicator will then take the values of your “Client ID” field (ie. 10923) from the mailing list and merge it with the value of the attachment file name (i.e. Invoice-10923.pdf) which means each client will receive their own personalized attachment. That’s how simple it is! This powerful email marketing tool can help you to save hundreds of hours in running and managing successful email campaigns.

To find out more about how Mail Communicator V3.0 can help you to grow your business and automate your email marketing campaigns at: http://www.apexpacific.com/mailcomm/


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