PPC Software™ support policy

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PPC Software™ products are supported for life for free! The term Life, refers to the life cycle of the product, not the life of the person who purchased it. The term Life Cycle, refers to the major version number of a product. For example, the previous version of PPC Submission™ was 6.1.49. The three components of the version number are as follows: <Major Version Number>.<Minor Version Number>.<Hot Fix Number>.

The software is updated and supported until the major version number is updated. When the number goes up, the previous version's life cycle is over. You may continue to use the software for as long as you wish, but the software will no longer have software updates for bug reports six months from the retirement date.

We offer all existing customers a large discount to upgrade to the next major version. Due to the time and effort placed in creating a new major version of the product, there is an upgrade fee.