- Step 4

Scheduler Setup: This feature allows you to run AutoBid function automatically at a regular time basis. You can specify the time interval on how frequent you want to perform the AutoBid, and Bid Maximizer will also send you an Auto bid report via e-mail automatically when it is completed.

Default Upper limit CPC: Since PPC BidMax updated your keyword's Max CPC automatically according to your target Position, we need to specify on how far PPC BidMax can go. This value will be used as the default when you download your keywords for the first time. If your keyword's current Max CPC is higher than this value, the program will use the keyword's setting.

Default Lower limit CPC: The same concept as the Upper Limit CPC, however this is for the lower part.

Default Target Position: This value will be used as the default for your keywords target position. You can individually change the Target Position of every keyword after you've finished downloading them.

Website URL: The value here will be used as the default URL for your keyword. Leave it blank if you wish to use your existing settings.

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