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Understanding Project and Web Site Profile Structure

Here is the structure of the Project and Web Site Profile:

What's Web Project?

A web project is a Folder which may contain one or more website profiles (See How to Create a new Web Project for details). You need to create a Web Project first before you create a web site profile.

What's Web Profile?

After you have created a Web Project , you can proceed to create a new web site profile (See Create a web Profile for details). The web site profile contains your website details for submission or other web promotion functions. Creating a Web Profile is the basic step in Dynamic Submission software. Whenever you want to do submission, optimize your web site, monitor your web promotion result or use other advanced tools in Dynamic Submission software, you need to create the web site profile first.

Here is a sample of the Project and Web Site Profile:

For Personal User

If you purchase Dynamic Submission for your own web site promotion, you can separate your web sites into different groups based on the character or contents of your website.

For example, you can use the company name "Apex'' as the project name. Since Apex Co sells different products online with different web sites, you can create different profiles for each product like: 'Profile1 - Submission 2000', 'Profile 2 - Mail Communicator', Profile 3 - 'Web Ranking' etc.

For each profile, it contains your web site details and you need to add in URLs of that web site. For example, for 'Profile 1 - Submission 2000', you can add in URLs of 'www.submission2000.com/index.html', 'www.submission2000.com/features.html', 'www.submission2000.com/download.html, etc. See Tutorial on how to add Site URLs section for details.

For Service Provider

For example, if you are using Dynamic Submission Enterprise Edition to provide submission services to your clients, you can create different projects with your client's name. Let's say, you can create 'Project 1 - Company 1', 'Project 2 - Company 2' ... For each project, then you can add in web site profiles according to the web sites belonging to that company.


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