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Site Info: You can automatically load Meta Tag details from your web site to the web profile created or manually enter the details.

1. Click "Load Meta Tag" button if you want to automatically retrieve the web site details from the Meta Tag(s) of your web site. This is a quick way for you to load the web site information.

Note: Site Info you entered here is different from the Meta Tag of your web site. The site info of your web site profile will be used for submission to Directory Engines like Dmoz.org, while the Meta Tag details on the web pages will be used for Spider search engines like Google, Altavista etc.

2. Other way to enter Site info is to manually enter the web site details.


Enter Contact Details

After you fill in all the details in “Site Info”, simply click “Next” button at the right bottom of the screen to go to the next stage. Or you can click any tab on the Web Site Profile to continue.

After you click the “Next” button, it goes to “Contact Details” Tab of the Web Site Profile. Enter your details accordingly.

Select Category

Directly go to “Category” Tab of the Web Site Profile or click on the “Next” button in the "Contact Details" screen to select the most appropriate category of your website. Select a suitable category for your site from the list provided. If you cannot find the category you want to select from the sub-category, use "Main category" instead. This will make sure your web site be submitted to the correct category.

1. Click on the "Auto Engines" tab of the web site profile or click “Next” button in the "Category" screen to select the auto engines for submission.

Individual Selection

Simply scroll down the Engines list and click on the engine name you want to submit to. Make sure a check mark appears in the check box in front of the engine name.

Multiple Selections

Scroll the engine list and find the engine you want, then hold down the 'shift' or 'ctrl' key and click on the engine names.

2. Click "Engine" menu item from the menu bar or just right click your mouse to load selected engines from the list

Manual Engines Selection

Directly go to “Manual Engines” Tab of the Web Site Profile or click on the “Next” button in the "Auto Engines" screen to select your targeted Search Engines.

You will have 3 types of engines to select from: Free Engines, Pay Per Inclusion Engines, and Pay Per Click Engines. Check the box to select the engines from the list given. The selected engines will be listed when you do your manual submission later





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