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 Issue: June-July 2006

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1. Breaking News: Just launched: Apex Reach website!
2. Expert Article: Grow Profits by Split-Testing Ads
3. Tips and Strategies: BidMaximizer adds a new search engine: LookSmart!
4. About NetMarketer

Breaking News
Just launched: Apex Reach website!

Apex Pacific has just launched their exciting new website dedicated to our fantastic range of internet marketing services - Apex Reach!

If you are looking to get your website listed at the top of all major search engines and don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself then we provide a fantastic range of internet marketing services designed to cater to all budgets!

The Apex Reach site is focused on helping businesses get the most out of the Internet. Check out our range of services:

  • Search Engine Optimisation service & Pay Per Click management

Apex Reach services are the complete tailored solution for getting your website more traffic. Our Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click management service are unmatched in the market utilizing our cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled expertise in the industry. If your website isn’t getting results, check out our range of Search Engine Marketing services.

Let's get your website working for you. Simply send us an obligation-free SEM Service Form and one of our friendly consultants will provide you with recommendations how to grow your business through your website.

  • Traffic Express

Our new service Traffic Express is designed to get your website listed on Google or Yahoo within 48 hours! With NO contract and NO obligations this fantastic offer starts at just $99 a month and is the easiest way to start getting traffic to your website. If you are looking to generate more leads from your site and you are on a budget, check out Traffic Express.

  • Certified Internet Marketing training

Apex Pacific now provides comprehensive Internet marketing training all the way from the beginner wanting to learn more about search engine marketing, right up to the expert looking to expand their knowledge and truly grasp the industry. Our training packages are designed for anyone looking for a competitive advantage in internet marketing.

We are very excited about our new site and we would love to hear your comments or feedback! If you have any questions or suggestions please click here and send us an email. Thank you!

Expert Article
Grow Profits by Split-Testing Ads

Successful business owners and marketing professionals know that great results from advertising are rarely owed to luck and guessing. Whether they specialize in online or offline promotion, they have known for years that the secret to achieving high return of investment is through splittesting.

Split-testing is a way of measuring multiple ads, creative layouts, and landing pages against each other to learn which ones perform better, and which will, in turn, improve your overall return on investment.

The way it works is quite simple: you start by taking an existing ad from any search engine that you advertise on. Then, change one word or offer in the headline or in the description of the ad to create a new ad, and run both simultaneously. Within a few days or weeks, depending on your traffic and sales volume, you will collect enough data to determine which version converts better.

Once you have that information, leave the “winner” as is and introduce a new “challenger” ad with a different variable changed. It can be a different offer or promotion, or simply different phrasing.

A word of caution, though – don’t change more than one variable at a time. If you do, you won’t know exactly what is responsible for the increase or drop in conversions.

Also keep in mind that you can conduct the same sort of testing on your landing pages; it is, in fact, very important to constantly work on improving your website visitors’ experiences because this leads to an increase in the overall click-to-action conversion rate, which is the best way to raise your revenue and profit (while keeping your advertising expenses at the same level).

There are a number of great tools on the market that can automate the split-testing process for you: these include Vertster.com, Sitespect.com and OfferMatica.com

Split-testing is an ongoing process that never really ends. There is always room for improvement. But if you do it diligently and increase your conversion rates little by little, before you know it you will gain a tremendous advantage over your competition by being able to squeeze the maximum value out of each dollar.

About Author
Boris Mordkovich is the Publisher of Search Marketing Standard - the first and only publication devoted to covering search marketing industry. Get a subscription at www.SMStandard.com

Tips and Strategies
Bid Maximizer Advance adds a new search engine: LookSmart

Monetize traffic and increase ROI with Bid Maximizer Advance and LookSmart

You already know that search engines like Google and Yahoo have the capacity to deliver quality traffic and ROI. As a savvy marketer, you also know that it makes sense to diversify your advertising across more than one or two search engines.

That’s why adding LookSmart’s Search Network to your online ad mix is a smart move. With LookSmart, you get:

• 180 category-specific vertical search sites, such as Health, Money and Sports.
• Access to a distribution network with partners like Viacom and InfoSpace.
• Upgraded ad-serving platform that rivals Google and Yahoo.
• A powerful combination that delivers audiences that are ready to buy!

Don’t just take our word for it…

According to Samantha Pope, VP of client services at SearchAdNetwork, “LookSmart’s vertical search sites and extensive distribution network are a great complement to our buys on other search engines.”

If you’re serious about monetizing your traffic and increasing ROI, you can’t afford to look past the latest addition to the search engines supported by Dynamic Bid Maximizer Advance, LookSmart.

Get an account now and receive up to a $50 credit!


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Internet Marketing News

June 16, 2006 - Google AdWords Adds Scheduling/Dayparting

The new feature allows advertisers to change the look of their AdWords ads dependent upon day of the week or time of day ...

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June 16, 2006 - Yahoo Search Marketing UK lowering Minimum Bid

According to a thread in Webmaster World, Yahoo Search Marketing UK will be lowering its minimum bid from 10 Pence to 5 Pence. MSN adCenter reportedly has a minimum bid of 5 Pence in the UK. ...

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June 14, 2006 - Understanding Searcher Behavior

Searchers interact with search engines in a variety of ways, and understanding searcher behavior is an increasingly important aspect of effective search marketing, according to speakers exploring the topic at a recent Search Engine Strategies conference in New York. ...

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June 14, 2006 - LookSmart AdCenter : New Features & $150 in Free Advertising

LookSmart has added new features to their LookSmart AdCenter (with a capital “A”, not to get confused with MSN adCenter with a lowercase “a”) which guarantees that daily spends will never exceed daily budgets! ...

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