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 Issue: August-September 2006

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1. Featured Offer: Boost Your Website Ranking with SEO Express Report!
2. Expert Article: Attracting Local Customers Using Pay-Per-Click
3. Tips and Strategies: Increasing PPC Campaigns Conversions
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Featured Offer
Boost Your Website Ranking with SEO Express Report!

Are you aware that over 80% of internet traffic is generated through the major search engines? Considering this, do you know where your website is currently ranked? If your website is not showing in the first two pages of Google or Yahoo the chances are that your customers will probably never find you.

Often the reason for low rankings in major search engines is that your website might not be designed to be search engine friendly. Our Search engine Optimization report will give you a complete breakdown of what changes need to be implemented to your website to get it to the top rankings on Google or Yahoo.

Many websites are designed without any consideration of Optimization in place:

  • What keywords are you targeting?
  • Is your websites content going to get you in the top 2 pages of Google?
  • What information is contained in my title?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you should consider a search engine Optimization report. Our SEO report is the cheapest way to find out what’s wrong with your website. For only US$299 one of our expert SEO consultants will analyze the structure and content of your website and issue you with a complete Optimization report, highlighting exactly what needs to be changed to boost your website ranking.

You could have the nicest looking website on the internet, but if it’s not correctly optimized, no-one will ever find you! Order an Optimization report today and take the first step towards building a more profitable website.

Expert Article
Attracting Local Customers Using Pay-Per-Click

Many business owners have a perception that just because they cater to a local market, they can’t use the power of online advertising to attract new customers. The reality is quite different.

Recent developments in the pay-per-click industry allow even the localized business to get in the game. Several search engines actually allow you to target prospects in any desired geographic area. In other words, if you sell a product or service and can only cater to a specific state or city, you can target your ads to only show up when potential clients from that location are searching for them.

Currently, there are 3 options that you can consider for Local advertising:


With Yahoo!, you can specify a list of keywords describing your services or products nd then select the area they serve using a map. Your ads will show when users’ searches contain the keywords and locations that are within the area specified. Bidding in “Local Match” is separate to Yahoo!’s standard pay-perclick program called “Precision Match”. The Local Match program is open to businesses without a website.


You can specify a list of keywords describing your services or products and then enter the locations you serve. Ads are displayed with the location written underneath them. These locations include the 210 DMAs in the US, individual cities and within a radius of the location of their business. Bids are in the same auction ool as standard AdWords results.


Verizon lets you bid on the category your business fits into (e.g. Attorneys > Family Law > Divorce). When searches are carried out, a list of matching categories is displayed for the searcher to select from. You can add an optional “Free to talk” link to their listings. Searchers click this and enter their phone number in the box provided and receive a call from the advertiser. Alternatively they can talk via their computer. Your ad is composed of ad text, website link, link to a business profile page hosted by SuperPages.com, email address and a map.

These options can become a powerful marketing channel by any business that wants to attract local customers. Good luck!

About the Author:
Boris Mordkovich is Directory of Operations for Mordcomm, Inc., a search engine marketing firm focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Tips and Strategies
Increasing PPC Campaigns Conversions

PPC Advertising (Paid Search Marketing) is only effective when if it generates positive, measurable results, referred to as conversions. There are different types of conversions, depending on what action you need to track, such as:

- Click to Purchase
- Click to Sign Up
- Click to Sent Enquiry
- Click to Page View etc.

Some advertisers might have come across a situation when their PPC campaign is generating a lot of clicks, however their conversion rate is rather poor. How to improve the conversions of such campaigns? Consider following tips, they might help you in your endeavours:

1. Keywords and Ad Creative Review

First of all, review keywords that produce most of your clicks. If these keywords are too general, your ad is probably being displayed to people who are somehow interested in your offerings, however they are not specific enough to produce conversions.

Consider this: you’re selling designer sunglasses on your website and amongst your keywords are following two:

• designer sunglasses
• discounted Gucci designer sunglasses

Which keyword, you believe, will produce more clicks and which one more conversions? Surely, the second keyword will bring you higher ROI simply because it’s more sales driven then the first keyword, which is more research-type of eyword.

In addition, review the ad creative. Be honest with your potential customers and advertise only what you can deliver. Nothing is worse than offering something that can not be found on your website. Also beware, that making your ad too attractive will most likely increase your clicks, but will it increase your conversions? Remember, we’re not hunting for clicks, we’re demanding conversions.

2. Landing Page Review

The second area you should turn your attention to, are your landing pages. A recipe for successful landing pages usually includes (but it’s not restricted to):

Matching the title of your landing page to the product/service being advertised:

Please do not send your visitors to your home page and trust they will look for your product within your web site. Most likely, they click away and visit your competitor’s site.

Clearly presenting your product/service

Your landing page needs to deliver on the promise made in your ad. Therefore, clearly communicate to your visitor how your product can resolve his problem and satisfy his needs. Don’t just list product’s features, focus on how you can help your potential client. In addition, include any specials or promotions you advertised.

3. Website Content and Navigation Review

Lastly, review your website content and navigation. Does your web site include enough information for a visitor to take an action? Does your web site build trust in your potential client to give away information such as contact and billing details? Can you be easily contacted? Etc.

Above all, your website must be easy to navigate. If your visitors don’t know where to go and get lost in your website, you can not expect them to stick around and buy your product.

About the Author:
Ivana Giardi is Marketing Director for Apex Pacific, a complete Internet marketing solutions provider.


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