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 Issue: November 2006

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1. Featured Offer: Get the Top Ranking Positions with the Launch of SEO Suite
2. Article of the Month: Search Engine Optimization - The Ethical Strategies
3. Tips and Strategies: 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign
4. About NetMarketer

Featured Offer
Get the Top Ranking Positions with the launch of SEO Suite v8.0

We are proud to announce the new release of SEO Suite v8.0 - a brand-new optimization tool that will boost your website to the top rankings of the search engine and drive quality customers to your business.

What SEO Suite can do for you?

The new SEO Suite v8.0 is powered with heaps of innovative features; a combination of more than 25 optimization tools in one single product. With its new easy to use, user-friendly interface, anyone can start their SEO campaign in just 10 minutes. You will be able to optimize your website like the professional and do use all the techniques that SEO companies use, such as:

Keyword Research
Find the right keywords that will drive conversion to your business. With the 'Keyword Builder' feature, you will be able to know which keywords will get your website quality traffic. Promote your website using the keywords that describes what you offer.

Web site Optimisation
Find out how you can improve your website content and make it more search engine friendly. One click of a button and your SEO Suite will provide you a complete optimization report which instructs you on how you can change your website to meet search engine requirements.

Search engine Submission
Let over 1000 search engines know who you are. Submit to a variety of search engines by pressing the "Submit" button. Increase your customer visibility and traffic!

Link Building Strategies
Find out the best link building strategies which will increase your link popularity and website reputation. Simple and easy to use techniques that can be done within minutes. Use effective Link Exchange, Article Submission, Link Analysis tool and many more to acquire more qualified links to your website.

Analytical Reporting
SEO Suite has a diverse range of reporting that will let you monitor the success of your website optimization campaign. Reporting includes:

  • Web Ranking Report
  • Submission Report
  • Optimization Report
  • PageRank Analysis Report
  • Link Popularity Report

The software includes a built-in training module and support system so that any one can learn more about optimising a website even if they don’t have any internet marketing experience at all.

If you are looking at ways to get more traffic to your website, generate new leads for your business or increase your profit online, then the SEO Suite is the ultimate solution.

How to get it?

Buy Now and get 15% Off
Y you can order the NEW version 8.0 from our website - your purchase is backed up with 30-Day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Upgrade Now and Save
If you are a current user of Dynamic Submission 7.0 or the SEO Pack and would like to upgrade to the new powerful SEO Suite v8.0, you can do so now and save up to 15%!

You can also download a FREE 30-Day test-drive to see all the powerful features this new version has to offer before purchase.

We look forward to your feedback on the new SEO Suite version 8.0 and we hope it will help you build your business further. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at sales@apexpacific.com

Article of the Month
Search Engine Optimization - The Ethical Strategies.

The search engine has become a fundamental means for people to find what they are looking for. Research confirms that 80% of Internet users utilize the search engines and directories to find products, services and information [Jupiter Research Study, 2006]. With the number of people using the Internet and search engines, it gives any business the potential to earn hundreds of thousand of dollars in revenue through one advertising medium. Hence, search engines bring more visitors to web sites than any other method of advertising.

Research also clearly demonstrates that your web site needs to show up within the first 20 search results (first 2 pages) for people to find your website. How often have you crawled past the first couple of pages looking for your information in the search engines?

Research Proven

  • 90% of all Search Engines Users click results within the first 3 pages
  • 62% of these Users click only on the first few results, hence the first 2 pages
  • Most users perceive that the top ranked websites are market leaders.
    Source: Jupiter Research Study, 2006

Now this brings us to why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the classic methods of internet marketing strategies.

The point of this technique is to increase your web ranking positions in the search results so that your customers can find you and your products/services. Simply said, the process of optimisation involves choosing keywords that are directly related to your website and placing them meaningfully within your pages and building your website link popularity. However, as easy as this sounds, an average webmaster usually finds SEO quite a daunting task without any guarantee on the success. For this reason, if you want a marketing strategy that drives immediate results, then Pay-Per-Click will be the best solution. However the long term cost benefits of running an effective SEO campaign are substantial and this is the reason that it is still a popular choice for people that are looking to get the competitive edge on the internet.

Let’s take a better look into the processes of Search Engine Optimization. SEO actually consists of two techniques that work hand in hand to achieve optimal results. One technique is called “on-page optimization” (also known as web-page optimization) and the other is “off-page optimization” (also known as link building). The combination of these two technique gives a website a better chance for successful results, however many a time webmasters do not utilise both methods effectively.

On-Page Optimization

This technique is focused on the optimization of the website content. There are various user and search engine friendly SEO techniques which can be utilized to make a site easier to be 'spidered' by the search engine and maximize its chances to obtain top natural / organic search engine listings, while enhancing the user experience. The techniques which will help achieve better rankings for the keywords that you are wanting to promote are as follows:

  • Thorough key phrase analysis
  • Ensuring web site design favours indexation
  • Improving HTML coding & HTML code validation
  • Using external style sheets
  • Using external Java script files
  • Improving the layout and/or design of your site
  • Improving your site's architecture and navigation
  • Iimplementing inter-linking techniques throughout the site
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Optimizing other elements such as headings, images, links and anchor text, etc.
  • Rewriting and editing content, and/or copywriting additional pages if necessary
  • Using a site map to provide alternate links for users and search spiders
  • Google SiteMap creation to help indexation in Google
  • Utilizing breadcrumbs and alternate footer text link menus for better user experience and search engine indexation.

All or a combination of these elements mentioned above will help your website be recognised by the search engine for the search terms relevant to your industry. Adding keyword enriched content in the Meta tags of your website will help improve your web ranking positions and web traffic. There are also a set of off-page techniques which will help further improve your rankings and drive solid long-term results to your website.

Off-Page Optimization

Every major search engine uses link popularity to some extent as a part of its ranking algorithm. As such, an effective off-page optimization or link building strategy plays a critical role in improving web site rankings. Link Popularity measures the quantity and quality of sites that link back to a web site. For example Google uses its ranking algorithm called “Page Rank” to determine the relevancy of each web site. Naturally, the higher the relevancy of the web site the better is its listing in the Google results.

Link popularity is becoming more widely used by search engines. Search engines today, do not rank a web site just based on the link popularity, they have become wiser and rank web sites based on their importance and relevancy. A web site can establish itself as important if:
  • it has a large number of quality links
  • it has a few links from pages that are highly important(high PageRank)

There are a few techniques within Link Building which will help your link popularity and reputation of your website grow. Building high quality incoming links is one of the most challenging aspects of search engine optimization, however one of the most effective strategies to achieve high ranking positions on search engine results. We’re not talking about getting thousands of any links, quickly. We’re talking about getting high quality links from popular, respected web site because that is what search engines will recognise and also these links will bring high quality traffic to your web site, which is the ultimate goal.

Some of the way to get high quality incoming links:

1. through link exchange with reputable web sites. This is commonly known as reciprocal links, however in this instance we recommend that you exchange links with relevant web sites instead of link farms!

2. acquiring natural incoming links through becoming a “content provider”. This means write relevant articles, testimonials, informative advice on forums and blogs related to your industry. The links from these sites will be classified as reputable and help improve your Page Rank and position.

3. creating a systematic internal link structure. This means that you should ensure all your webpages are networked together for both the search engine and user to be able to navigate through your website easily. A 'Site Map' is a good source to build a good internal link structure.

Search Engine Optimization in effect helps promote your website most cost-effectively on the organic search results than any other marketing medium. This strategy can get a website solid long terms results based on how well it is optimized. By using ethical techniques you can get the search engine to recognise your importance to your industry and place you higher in their search results. Ultimately, this will generate quality web traffic, leading to more conversions.

Poorani Prithiviraj– Internet Marketing Consultant
Apex Pacific Pty Ltd.

Tips and Strategies

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign

The golden rule of PPC bidding is: “Attract highly qualified buyers and keep the bids as low as possible”. Since you are paying for each visitor entering your website you would obviously want to maximize the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Let’s take a look at some basic guidelines to help you optimise your campaign and ensure a greater return on investment:

1. Determine your bid cost
The calculation of the bid cost (also known as cost per click) requires a rather complicated formula. Here is an example using a baseline that will help determine how much you can afford to bid:

Step1: Find out the conversion rate of your website – this means the amount of unique visitors that will convert to a sale. For example, if you need 50 visitors (= 50 clicks) to make one sale, then the conversion rate is 2%.

Step2: Find out the profit margin – if your profit margin is high enough to justify the cost you can consider increasing the bid and getting a higher position for your ad. This way you may increase the number of clicks through your website and acquire more sales.

Step3: Calculating your conversion cost - If your bid is 10 cents per click then one sale has $5 of bidding cost. Also calculate if the extra sales justify the extra cost and adjust the bid accordingly.

2. Focus on highly targeted keywords
PPC Advertising can be cost effective and still deliver highly targeted traffic to your website. To take advantage of this benefit, it is important to choose the keywords wisely. The key is to be specific. For example, instead of bidding on “skin care” you can consider bid on “anti ageing herbal treatments”. More targeted keywords attract more qualified buyers. It is easier to convert them into paying customers because they found exactly what they were looking for. This strategy is also a big money saver -- more specific keywords tend to be less expensive than the generic keywords.

3. Customize compelling advertisements
You will attract more attention from qualified buyers by writing creative ads specifically for each of the keywords you bid on. Advertise directly to the type of visitor you want to serve. For example, instead of writing an ad for “pies” you can write “home made meat pies”.

When tailoring your ads to a specific audience, be sure that you direct your visitors to a page on your website where it's easy for them to buy these items instead of just your sites homepage.

4. Use less popular PPC search engines
Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing are clearly the PPC market leaders. However you can still benefit from using PPC search engines which are less popular as a means of customer visibility:

  • MIVA, previously known as FindWhat http://www.findwhat.com
  • Espotting http://www.espotting.com, (biggest PPC engine in UK and European market)
  • 7search.com http://www.7search.com
  • Kanoodle.com http://www.kanoodle.com
  • Enhance Interactive http://www.enhance.com

Bids on these less popular PPC search engines are much cheaper and you can purchase your listings for as little as one cent per visitor. Even though you may not get the same exposure as you would get with Google and Yahoo! you can still generate a decent amount of traffic. And while you only pay for actual clicks to your website, you never waste your money.

5. Choose the best position for your advertisement
To be listed first on the search results is not always a smart move. It certainly helps to attract lots of visitors, but may cost you lots of money at the same time. People usually visit first 5 top listings before making a final decision about their purchase. Therefore, it is more profitable to have lower ranking for highly competitive keywords. Generally targeting positions 3 – 6 will still get your website sufficient traffic, while keeping within a restricted bid cost.

Who is keeping track of your PPC campaigns?

Do you have the time to monitor your PPC campaigns and make sure you are getting your money's worth? If you want 24 hour monitoring and a way to save 85% of your PPC advertising cost, try PPC Bid Max - an powerful bid management software.

Try the 30-day free trial version and demand the best ROI for your campaigns!

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NetMarketer is published once a month by Apex Pacific Pty Ltd, a world leading internet marketing software and solution provider. Each issue covers the latest information and trends in internet marketing and web promotion.

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Featured Offer

SEO Suite v8.0
Get top ranking positions with the new SEO Suite v8.0 solution.

Place your order today for the powerful SEO Suite which features all the tools to optimize your website. Order now and get 15% off the retail price.

Whats New with Apex!
MSN has selected Apex as Search Partner!

Apex is glad to announce that MSN has selected us to become a Search Partner in developing PPC Bid Management technology. With this exciting partnership, Apex will be launching PPC Bid Max with the MSN search engine in December 2006.

MSN has given Apex the developer authority to incorporate their PPC bidding alogorithm into our software. Our development team have been working with this project for some time now and are looking forward to getting it released soon.

We will be notifying everyone of the new launch through email correspondence.

Apex now offers Internet Marketing Business Opportunities

Through popular request from clients, we have now launch a new Consultant Package- Internet Marketing Business Solution.

Apex has expanded our business packages to include a new solution to companies who wish to enter into a profitable internet marketing business. This package has been structured on the success of our own business and provides the full-proof internet marketing business model for interested customers.

If you would like to find out more, please email sales@apexpacific.com.

SEO Services now come with a Guarantee

We have re-structured the way our services are provided, to cater to our customers' satisfaction. Our confidence is built around the experience and knowledge that we have in the internet marketing industry, which makes our results profound.

Our SEO services now allow our customers assurance that results are delivered. Based on the success rate of current clients, our services include a guarantee statement to get a minimum of 20 keywords to the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN.

If you would like to find out more or get a quote, then contact us at sales@apexpacific.com or call +61 2 9662 3433

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October 24, 2006 - Google Testing Cost Per Action (CPA) Model Content Ads?

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