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 Issue: April 2007

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1. Featured Offer: New Reporting Features added to SEO Suite v8.0
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New Reporting Features added to SEO Suite v8.0

You may notice the theme of this month’s newsletter is Search Engine Optimization. In keeping with this theme Apex Pacific are offering a great deal on our powerful SEO tool SEO Suite v8.0

SEO Suite v8.0 is a high level Internet Marketing Tool that has been specifically designed to save you Time, Money and most of all achieve for you a higher Search Engine Ranking.

SEO Suite v8.0 is not just another SEO tool. It is set apart from other tools because it caters for all levels of SEO work ranging from end user to SEO Agency.

Apex Pacific has recently improved the SEO Suite Corporate and it now includes:

  • Project Scheduler to the already impressive
  • Customized Reporting
  • Project Management

All these features allow you to easily manage all of your clients’ projects.

For more detailed information on SEO Suite Features please visit our website http://www.apexpacific.com or purchase a copy NOW and receive 10% off the retail price -


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

The majority of internet users search for information by using search engines. A query on Google often reveals thousands or even millions of matching web pages. Therefore, it is difficult for the user to find your website if it is not listed between the top 10, maximum 20 search results.

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to make a website’s content highly relevant in order to get listed at the top of a search engine’s results for free. This can be a quite daunting task so let’s take a look at some key optimization guidelines:

1.1 Selecting and Positioning Target Keywords

People search for information on the internet by typing certain words in the search box. Words that are relevant to your website are your target keywords. Your job is to make sure that those target keywords appear in the crucial locations on your website such as across your title, meta tags and body of your web page.

A good source of optimization tips is http://www.apexreach.com.au/seo-service.html

Tip: Your target keywords should include at least two words. This is simply because lots of websites are relevant for a single word, for example “flower”.

1.2 Relevant Website Content

Imagine a search engine as a library and your website as a book. The library only wants good quality books to be included in its collection. The content of your web site is therefore the most important element for search engines to terminate if your web site will be listed and ranked well.

If your web site contains only images, Flash, Javascript etc. it will be ignored by the search engines because they can’t read those graphics. Please remember to provide valuable information not just “good looking” images. Whenever possible, use HTML text on your web pages as this will lead to creating a more relevant site.

1.3 Link Popularity – Google Page Rank

Every major search engine uses link popularity as a part of their ranking algorithms. Google’s algorithm -- Page Rank – is a quite complicated mathematical formula that determines the relevancy of a web page.

Explained very simply, it uses the structure of the links between web pages to assign a score of the page that reflects its importance. In effect, each link from one page to another is counted as a “vote” for the destination page, and each page’s score depends on the scores of the pages that link to it. But those pages’ scores, in turn, depend on the scores of the pages that link to them, and so on.

In conclusion, link popularity of a website is determined by:

- The number of relevant web sites that are linking to your site
- The popularity of those web sites

The higher the relevancy of the website the better is its listing in the Google results.

From what has been said, it is quite obvious that for brand new websites it may take about a month before they get listed and ranked well by Google. As mentioned earlier, paid listing can provide an excellent solution to cover this “waiting list” period. Google will set your website live within few hours and the impact on your site traffic is practically immediate.

Author: Barbara Mesar [Apex Pacific Marketing Manager]


Effective Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a contest and war of gaining top and higher ranking in search engine listing. Some search engine optimizers often pollute search engine results by introducing spam, which makes it harder to find relevant information when searching. These optimizers are called "black hat" optimizers who seek to achieve high ranking by any means possible. On the other hand, there are SEOs who seek to code the web pages in a way that is friendly to search engines; these SEOs are called "white-hat" SEOs. There are various factors, which can determine effective search engine marketing.

Accessibility is a crucial factor that influences the effectiveness of search engine marketing, as it aims at making the content accessible to as many as possible. All types of users should be able to access the website's content. For instance, not every one can read text in images, interpret JavaScript and Applet, and view other kinds of multimedia content. For good design and content, it is advisable to make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links, wherein every page should be reachable from at least one static link. The SEM effectiveness can be further enhanced if the site design provides the users a site map with links that point to the important parts of the site. Moreover, it is advisable to break the site map into separate pages if it is too large. Preferably, the site should be useful and rich with information that is very accurate and clear. To facilitate the users, it should be made sure that most of the keywords are used on the site. It is better to use text instead of images to display important names, content, and links, as most search engines do not recognize text-contained images. Using descriptive and accurate title and alt tags also influence the effectiveness of the site and SE marketing.

A website's accessibility greatly determines its search engine ranking. Similarly, a website that is easy to navigate encourages users to frequent re-visit.

Expert Author: Jennifer Bailey

About NetMarketer

NetMarketer is published once a month by Apex Pacific Pty Ltd, a world leading internet marketing software and solution provider. Each issue covers the latest information and trends in internet marketing and web promotion.

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NetMarketer is published once a month by Apex Pacific Pty Ltd, the world's leading internet marketing software and solution provider. Each issue covers the latest information and trends in internet marketing and web promotion.
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