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The February issue of Dynamic Internet Marketing Newsletter is focused on the complexity of internet marketing and web promotion activites. We start with a very interesting article specifying marketing strategies you should use in order to successfully expose your business on the Net. Then we acquaint you with web promotion tools you definitely need to implement and to use those strategies properly in your businesss. Enjoy the reading and take care!
Internet Marketing News Flash
  • Enhance Interactive established the minimum bid for Paid Listings of $0.03
    This minimum applies to those keyword bids that were established or changed on or after December 1, 2003. A "grandfather period" has applied to bids below $0.03 entered before December 1, 2003. Beginning March 1, 2004, that grandfather period will end, and all bids that are still below $0.03 will be automatically raised to $0.03. Find out more at The new CAN-SPAM Act came into effect on January 1, 2004.

  • Can Spam Law is not solving the amount of junk mail
    According to numbers released this week by Brightmail, Postini, and Commtouch, three providers of message-filtering and anti-spam solutions, the amount of spam they've intercepted since the law took effect on Jan. 1 has increased, went unchanged, or fallen by an insignificant amount. To read the full text please visit

  • Search war between Yahoo and Google?
    Yahoo will drop search partner Google during the first quarter of 2004 in interest of its own technology. This could be the beginning of the war for Web search dominance. Find out more at
Five ways to boost your Web traffic

Building your site traffic is both an art and a science. The art side of the equation includes factors such as overall design, navigation and ease of use, all of which play a significant role in determining whether users find your site and keep coming back. The science side is bit more concrete. Here are five surefire ways to ensure your site builds – and keeps – its traffic.

  • Search engine optimization
    Most users find your site via search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. They type in an item of interest, hit the search key and find your site. That is, if your site is listed. The key to getting your site listed is something called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO includes a variety of semantic, design and technology enhancements that site publishers can implement in order to make it easier for search engines – and users – to find them. One caveat, however: Don’t go overboard and start using tricks like keyword saturation. Search engines are only concerned with one thing--providing the best, most relevant results. As a consequence, most have built-in algorithms that ferret out tricks like that and in some cases, ban the offending sites from the list. So stick to the tried-and-true. And don’t despair, but once your site is optimized, it may take a while to get picked up by the engines. On average, search engines take as long as six weeks before they even notice you and add you to their all-important results page.

  • E-mail newsletters
    E-newsletters are the ultimate Web traffic generators, especially for sites with strong content who are looking to build up their Web community. Just take that all-important content that you’re sure your visitors need and send it to them directly, right to their e-mail inboxes. This is also an attractive option because it enables you to track how readers are interacting with your content. Do they just view the newsletter, or do they actually click on story headlines to read more? Savvy site publishers measure the results and then tweak their content – resulting in even more site visitors.

  • Advertising
    Although some dispute the merits of banner advertising, recent studies have shown that it works in bolstering site traffic. Think about it. Today’s professionals can spend nearly five hours of their working day connected to the Internet. That’s five hours of surfing Web sites that could have your banner ad attached. Another traffic-generating form of advertisement is pay-per-click, where you pay search engines to list your ads alongside search results. Both methods are proven to improve your site traffic.

  • Reciprocal links
    Reciprocal links are links with other sites that are generally related to yours. You link to a site, and that site’s Webmaster returns the favor and links back to yours. It effectively adds another potent avenue for your site visitors to find and reach you. The best part is that once you have a reciprocal link in place, it seldom if ever gets taken down. Think about it -- that's free advertising practically for the life of your site.

  • Fresh content
    No matter how much you invest in various traffic-generating schemes, visitors won’t come – and won’t stay – unless you have compelling content that gets updated on a regular basis. It’s free and it works.

Article by By Joanne Cummings from Shortcuts.html

"Must Have" Web Promotion Tools

As the article above pointed out, internet marketing should be viewed as a combination of search engine optimization, email marketing, PPC campaigns and link exchange strategies. You should consider combining some or all these strategies in your marketing campaign in order to maximize you exposure and drive more traffic to your website.
We, at Apex Pacific, have developed the FULL range of internet marketing tools that cover the entire area of web promotion and are secret weapons against your competitors.
To make it convenient for your business we put all those products in one package called “Dynamic Promotion Suite” with the huge 65% discount offer. This complete marketing kit will help you to promote your business on the internet and drive thousands of quality traffic to your web site immediately! Dynamic Promotion Suite for only $299.95 (save 65%) includes:

  • Dynamic Submission v7.0 - The #1 All-In-One web promotion and internet marketing tool that drives traffic to your web site for FREE. It includes search engine submission, site optimization, web ranking, link popularity, Meta Tag Editor, Page Creator, Keyword Builder and more.
  • Dynamic KeywordBid Maximizer for Overture - Manage your keywords and bids for All the Overture Pay Per Click search engines, maintain your position at the lowest cost possible by fixing the bid GAPs. For more info click here.
  • Dynamic KeywordBid Maximizer Advance - Manage your keywords and bids for ALL the other important Pay Per Click search engines (except Overture), maintain your position at the lowest cost possible by fixing the bid GAPs. For more info click here.
  • Dynamic WebRanking - Track your web site ranking with Dynamic WebRanking Software. It is a powerful tool that gives you full control on search engine placement tracking and rank monitoring. Check your web site position in all the major search engines for all the keywords in one Click!
  • Dynamic Link Promoter - Most powerful link promotion tool that manages your link partners, tracks your link page, generates new link partners and sends "Personalized" invitation messages, creates link pages automatically and promotes them.
  • Dynamic Mail Communicator - Most powerful email marketing tool that sends "personalized" messages to your clients and subscribers, stay in touch with customers, keep your customers coming back to buy from you.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a single product if you can have all the above award winning web promotion software for $299.95** ONLY. Do your business a favour and order your “Dynamic Promotion Suite” now at or download the free trial of the software here.

New Dynamic Mail Communicator v2.0 - solution for your email campaigns

Last few weeks were quite busy around our office as a new version of Dynamic Mail Communicator has being finalized. On Monday 09/Feb/2004 we happilly introduced the new "Dynamic Mail Communicator v2.0" to the market.You will be surprised how many new features and improvements over the old version you will find:

  • Complete new wizard style interface, create your email marketing campaign as easy as 1, 2, 3.
    • Send message directly from MS Outlook, Excel, SQL and XML database
    • Send message to any specify group of people(such as by georgegraph, age, industry type etc) in your mailing list
    • Support Multilingual
    • Support message BCC mode
    • Send message with filter option support
    • Check email address against the "remove list" before send mail
  • More advanced bounce back email remove function - Support soft-remove for "mailbox full or exceed mailbox quota" - Support remove bounce back email only if it has been bounced back twice
  • Improvement of Message Draft: - Default message templates to use - Better interface
  • Improvement for Mailing list management tool - Import contact list from MS Outlook address book or mail folder - import contact list from MS Excel - import contact list from online or local XML file
  • Improvement of processing message rules - User friendly interface - Process web form with mailing list - Send message to people in Web form
  • Account Set up: - Test mail account setting before save
  • Email Validator included in Professional version. and much more...!

As you can see Dynamic Mail Communicator v2.0 is even more powerful then ever before. Convince yourself of its advanced features and download the free trial version at This risk free 30 days test run gives you clear idea what this product is capable of. You will be thrilled how this smart tool can support your business. When you realise how much time and money it can help you to save you will regret not using it sooner. There has never been better time than now to start your "brand new" email marketing campaigns.

Do it professionaly, do it with Dynamic Mail Communicator v2.0! Start today and place your order for this new exiting product at

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