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I am happy to introduce the first issue of Dynamic Internet Marketing Newsletter of this year. This edition is focused on specifics of search engine and email marketing. In the first article you find "must know" tips if you wish to successfully market your business via Per Pay Click search engines. In the next article is discussed one of the major problems occurring by sending bulk promotion - "bounced back" emails. We show you how this can be easily fixed so you can effectively run your email campaign. Enjoy the reading and take care!
Internet Marketing News Flash
  • Overture launches in Australia
    If you are targeting Australian Internet users this represents an excellent opportunity for you to promote your products and services to a brand new audience. With the launch of Overture Australia, we can now help you to reach these Internet users. At launch, the Overture Australia search network will include key distribution partners such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, Hewlett Packard and Ozemail. To find out more you can contact the Australian team via email or call direct on 02 8211 0512 to sign up now or to simply find out more about Overture's new Australian marketplace.

  • Ah-ha introducing new name
    Ah-ha announces its new identity - new brand name "Enhance Interactive", redesigned Web site, logo and positioning. The advertisers are required to reflect this change on their Web site and/or their newsletters where they market "Enhance Interactive" services. For additional information go to

  • Looksmart - News for LookListings advertisers
    LookListings has several important new features, designed to give you greater control and flexibility. You can target customers with specific keywords. Or reach a broader audience using relevancy-based inclusion targeting. Or do both - in the same LookListings campaign. Find out more at
Optimizing your Pay-Per-Click Campaign

I begin with a little introduction. PPC - Pay Per Click Search Engine lists your website at a particular position of the search results according to the keyword bid. The mechanism is simple: the more you bid the higher you are ranked. Then when someone clicks on your link you pay the amount you bid. It is extremely effective way how to market your website because you gain traffic of qualified visitors who find your site from a relevant list of search results. However, to use PPC in the most efficient way for your budget you have to follow some rules:

  • Donít obsess with being #1
    Letís assume that you hold the top position for a particular keyword. Your product is the best deal on the market. "Mr. XY" comes to your website and likes what he sees. But before making the purchase he wants to check what other producers have to offer. After visiting your competitorsí web sites he decides to buy from you. Great!!! Despite the fact you just paid for two clicks to get one sale. The trick is that you donít have to obsess with #1 listing. If you had second or third position "Mr. XY" would have already checked your competitorís site before coming to yours realizing that your offer is the best and making the purchase straight away.

  • The right keywords for the right market
    As you bid on selected keywords you should be able pick up the right terms people use when doing a search in order to generate desired traffic flow to your site. The keywords must describe the content of your web site directly related to the product you offer from your listing. They should not be general words like "cosmetics", but if you are a specialized cosmetic producer or reseller try to be more specific about your business and consider using "herbal cosmetics, non-allergic cosmetics" and so on. Only then you will attract the qualified visitors looking exactly for that type of product. Furthermore, when bidding on selected search terms you want to be sure that they have high level of relevancy, right? And this can be a very tricky part. How can you find out? I can recommend using Keyword Builder. This smart tool generates a suggestion of keywords based on the keyword you provide. It also shows you how many times the particular term has been searched and how important this term is in a searching process. You can find this powerful tool as an inbuilt function in Dynamic Submission v7 and Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer ,

  • How to manage Bid Gaps
    OK, another very important thing to watch for is bids gaps. Let me demonstrate a simple example. Imagine that following are the amounts paid for particular positions in listing: Position#1 50 cents/click Position#2 42 cents/click Position#3 35 cents/click You can see that the above positions are separated by few cents per click. Letís assume that you hold position#2 for 42 cents. Because the position just bellow you is worth 35 cents you over pay your current position. You need to close the gap between them by paying 36 cents and saving 6 cents. That doesnít seem much but in the amount of 1000 click it is already 60 dollars. Your competitors change their bids from time to time. This has an impact on the bid gaps and the position in the listing - they can change very frequently. I suppose you donít want to spend your time watching out for the bids in order to keep up with the last change. I can assure you it can be very time consuming. I would like you to consider using Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer , . This software helps you to maintain your position in the listing and keeps your costs as low as possible by fixing the gaps automatically. It also announces your current bids and analysis your ranking position. And as already mentioned in paragraph 2 it has the inbuilt Keyword Builder function, which helps you to create your keyword list by generating more relevant keywords. It is simply the best way how to beat your competitors in PPC.

  • Watch your conversion rate
    Unless you are the lucky one with unlimited budget to spend you need to know how much you can afford to bid in order to gain profit. Your decision should be based on knowing two numbers: - the net profit per sale for your product - conversion rate (in this context means how many click through you need to get 1 sale) Example: Assuming that your net profit per sale is $50 and you close a sale after 100 clicks. Then the maximum you can bid is 50 cents (50/100). But this bid is only break-even, does not earn you any profit and if you bid more youíll be losing money. Net profit it is not very difficult to calculate but conversion rate can drive you crazy. Personally I am very happy with Dynamic Site Stats - Web traffic analysis provider whose Conversion ratio reports will give you the most accurate numbers. Those reports are just a part of Dynamic Site Stats services. To read more please go to

  • Donít mention FREE items on your listed page
    Finally the last piece of advice: you know that there are lots of Freebie-seekers surfing the Net looking for free stuff. As you pay for each click you donít want this kind of people coming to your website to waste your money since they have no intention to buy fro you. So please avoid mentioning free items and promotional give-aways on your website. Instead send your visitors directly to your saleís page, page where they can subscribe to your newsletter or something similar.You want qualified visitors who will buy the product from you not just curious surfers. Dear reader, Pay Per Click advertising is a great way how to market your business. You can gain highly targeted and highly profitable traffic on the Net by keeping in mind the above mentioned rules and using Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer, which helps you: - manage your keyword bids in ALL the major pay per click search engines - build your keyword list, manage your keywords, automatically monitore your keyword bids and URLs at all major pay per click search engines. - notify you your current bids, analyze your ranking positions and fix bid gaps We offer a 30 day money-back-guarantee when you order the full version of Dynamic Keyword Bid Maximizer (Advance/Overture), so please feel free to place your order risk-free at or download your free trial here.
Complete Internet Marketing Promotion Suite(Save 65%)

Dynamic Promotion Suite is a complete internet marketing solution for all your web promotion needs. It contains all dynamic software in one package, provides you a total solution to drive traffic to your web site and keep contact with your customers. Dynamic Promotion Suite for only $299.95 (save 65%) includes:

  • Dynamic Submission v7.0 - The #1 All-In-One web promotion and internet marketing tool that drives traffic to your web site for FREE. It includes search engine submission, site optimization, web ranking, link popularity, Meta Tag Editor, Page Creator, Keyword Builder and more ....
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  • Dynamic KeywordBid Maximizer Advance - Manage your keywords and bids for ALL the other important Pay Per Click search engines (except Overture), maintain your position at the lowest cost possible by fixing the bid GAPs. For more info click here.
  • Dynamic WebRanking - Track your web site ranking with Dynamic WebRanking Software. It is a powerful tool that gives you full control on search engine placement tracking and rank monitoring. Check your web site position in all the major search engines for all the keywords in one Click!...
  • Dynamic Link Promoter - Most powerful link promotion tool that manages your link partners, tracks your link page, generates new link partners and sends "Personalized" invitation messages, creates link pages automatically and promotes them.
  • Dynamic Mail Communicator - Most powerful email marketing tool that sends "personalized" messages to your clients and subscribers, stay in touch with customers, keep your customers coming back to buy from you.

Why spending hundreds of dollars to purchase a single product while you can have all above award winning web promotion software for $299.95** ONLY. Please take advantage of our massive discount offer and order your copy of Dynamic Promotion Suite at, and start driving traffic to your web site.

Clean up your mailing list before it bounces back

If you have ever been involved in the email marketing and sent regular email messages to your contact list, you know that handling bounced back email is always a headache.Please read the following story carefully as you might recognise yourself as one of "bounced back email" victims.
Jenny works in customer service department for UWZ - optical equipment producer. Her company recently upgraded one of the major items from their product line and this occasion requested to keep all the clients and prospects informed about this change. So Jenny put together a promotion list to be sent to several thousand of their existing and potential costumers.When she opened her email box the next day she was shocked. Her email box was flooded with hundreds of bounced back emails which could not be delivered. They were all mixed up with her regular emails. It was a mess. Jenny realised that to avoid this situation to happen again she has to remove all the bounced back email addresses from the mailing list. The only way she could think of was to open the mailing list file, find the invalid email addresses and individually remove them one by one. This process may take hours as she received few hundreds of undelivered emails. Frustrating isnít it? If you have been through similar situation like the one above, below are reasons why this could happen:

  • The most common reason causing such a situation is that people change their email address frequently when they change their internet connection from one ISP to another.
  • Some people may be out of the business and donít use the particular address anymore.
  • Others can use free email address account and they just keep changing their email address from time to time with no reason.

All these factors may cause that your mailing list is out of date. From our experience, 1-5% of bounced rate is normal. And what are the consequences? Apart of the frustration you surely feel after all the effort you put in your promotion and struggling to remove the bounced back email addresses from your mailing list, you should also be well aware of other negative effects undelivered messages might cause:

  • Firstly, an increased bandwidth during the sending process slows all the other activities depended on the line used and consumes your time.
  • Secondly, all the undelivered email makes your mail server (ISP) think that you are spamming which could result in cancellation of your account. We at Apex Pacific are well aware of this kind of situation.

To provide you solution to fix this problem and give you peace in mind when conducting your email marketing activities, we have developed new software - Dynamic Email Validator. This product is especially designed for verification of email addresses and makes sure that the email address is valid before you send your message. It cleans up mailing list by removing all the incorrect email addresses and avoids undelivered emails from your mail box. It is smart power tool to reduce your bounced back rate and to improve your email marketing performance. We understand that your budget is tight right now so we have put together a FREE version for you in order to give you the opportunity to try it for yourself by downloading it at To find out more information about Dynamic Email Validator please go to

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