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Issue: June 2004
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Internet Marketing News Flash

Google To Develop Mobile Phone Format

Although mobile users have the capability to employ Google search, the Mountain Valley company is preparing technology that will be easier to use with mobile phone. Google's aim is to make search and subsequent results easier to view and use on cell phone monitors.

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MSN Search's spam filtering technology

Microsoft has unveiled their new web spam filtering project at Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View. The goal is to have their new filtering technology incorporated within their new search engine when it launches later this year.

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Kanoodle and 24/7 Real Media Provide First Behaviorally Targeted Links

Kanoodle Inc., a provider of sponsored links for SERPs and content pages has announced a partnership with 24/7 Real Media to provide behaviorally targeted sponsored links.

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YAHOO! Introduces Free Anti-Spyware Solution on YAHOO! TOOLBAR

Anti-Spy offers consumers a way to identify potentially unwanted software like spyware, then lets consumers decide whether they want to disable/remove, ignore or keep the files that are found. If a user chooses to delete suspect software and later changes their mind, they can restore most such programs.

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Targeted Traffic With Pay Per Click’s

In order for your online business to succeed you must get targeted traffic to your website. No matter what product or service you are selling, if you don't make sales you won't be in business for very long!

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website is through Pay Per Click Ads. If you have spent any time surfing the world wide web or used search engines to seek out a particular keyword or phrase then you have more than likely seen Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. Two of the most popular PPC's are Google Ad words http://www.google.com which are featured prominently on many websites on the net and Overture http://www.overture.com which list sites in search engine results like Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN, etc, across the net. However, there are literally thousands of PPC search engines on the web today to choose from.

PPC ads offer a way to attract relatively cheap targeted traffic to your website and product or service. Here is how PPC ads work.

You bid on specific keywords or key-phrases to have your search engine listing or short ad come up when people search for that specific keyword. For example, if you are selling Golf accessories, you would bid to have your site ad come up when a person searches for "Golf Clubs". If the person sees your ad and is interested and they click on it and you simply pay your bid amount. That is targeted traffic.

You may bid $1 to get listed at the top of the search result, but your competitor could then bid 1.05 and outbid and move ahead of you. This does happen unless you are able to bid on less popular search terms that your competitors do not and still many people use.

Bids for the top positions vary from pennies to a few dollars, but most PPC search engines have keyword suggestion tools to help you find keywords and their search results to suit your budget. You may bid on as many keywords as your budget can handle. A general rule of thumb would be to aim for one of the top two positions for keywords with low bid searches and aim for top 5 for keywords with higher volume searches.

You must be careful though to bid within your means! PPC's are all about conversion rates. For example, if your conversion rate is 2 visitors per 100, and you make $10 per sale. Your maximum bid would be the following: conversion rate x profit per sale. In this example, it would be .02 X $10= 20 cents You should bid 20 cents or less to be profitable. This is something you must figure out on your own if you are using PPC's for the first time in order to be successful.

Finally, your ad should follow certain guidelines. You want to describe your product or service in your ad as precise as possible. Remember you are not looking for "tire kickers" because you are paying for their click whether they buy something or not! Link the ad to the specific product or service you are selling instead of sending prospects to your home page so the prospect does not have navigate to find what they clicked on originally. Try to include the keyword in the title or description. Statistics have shown this method to produce higher clicks. Good Luck!

Article by Dirk Wagner

About the Author:
Dirk Wagner is CEO and owner of http://team4success.biz and the free, easy to install #1 home business toolbar with automated updates.A website dedicated to helping the home-based business entrepreneur start and succeed with there very own home-based business.

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Email Marketing Strategies That Work

While the main use of email marketing is to drive traffic to your web site, there are other important reasons that email communications should be used as part of your firm's marketing
strategy. You should use them, and use them often, to create an effective overall marketing strategy, of which your emails are an important part.

Strategy One: Brand identification.

  • Brand identification is one of the fundamental concepts of marketing, and you can use emails to contribute to yours.
  • Brand identification is letting people know who you are, and what you stand for, by creating an image in their minds.
  • This is literally gold in the marketing arena.
  • We pay more for Nikes, not because they're always better than competitors, but because of the image that advertisers have created for us.
  • So how can you use email to do this?
  • If your firm is high tech, then you'll want emails and newsletters that show this.
  • Be the one to use "streaming media" or "online video" in your emails (offer this as an option though, along with a less high-tech option for those without broadband connections).
  • Does your firm appeal to young consumers who like things that are unusual?
  • Or who like funky humor?
  • Then let your fonts and graphics play into this.
  • Are you sending out financial reports to baby boomers in your newsletters?
  • Then conservative colors and fonts should be used.
  • The tone of the writing you use, and even the topics you include in each email communication are building up brand identification in the minds of those who read them.
  • Try to be consistent, and reach your target audience (people who are most likely to buy from you) with content that appeals to them, and you'll see response rates grow.
  • Use your emails to tell customers about special updates and products: in the old days, we put up flyers or sent direct mail ads; now we tell our customers by email.
  • This is a highly effective marketing strategy, because John may be ready to update his outmoded software and welcome your notice, or Sally may be glad to hear that there's a special at her local hair salon.
  • You can save a lot of money by using email to advertise your specials instead of printing and mailing out ads.
  • This is one reason that email marketing is often best used along with offline marketing methods: the two go hand-in-hand, and the most successful firms use both.

Strategy Two: Use Your Emails To Build good customer relations.

  • This is one of the most effective uses of emails, since if they are used positively to build up your firm's reputation for service and attentiveness, you will see sales and customer retention go up.
  • CRM is a big buzzword in marketing circles today, and for good reason: people will simply go elsewhere if they believe that they are receiving better service (or value) elsewhere.
  • From the autoresponders that your firm sends when clients fill out an order form, confirming that their order was received and is being processed, to the news updates you send your opt-in list,
    the quality of your communications can go a long way towards creating positive relations.
  • Grammatically correct, polite emails that let customers know that you will contact them shortly, and that provide contact information in case they need to reach you immediately can be a
    powerful marketing tool.
  • Use your emails to answer customer questions, and overcome objections to buying from you. If your emails are polite, answer client questions in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, and give them the information they are asking for, you've probably just won a customer!
  • You can also send out "articles" that help address common customer concerns, that can bring down barriers to buying from you (for instance, an article that discusses financing options, and how to get a great mortgage loan, would be a natural for a real estate company to send in one of its newsletters).
  • This is one of the untapped arenas of email marketing.
  • So many web sites have 'frequently asked questions" sections, or information on how to find what the client is looking for.
  • Why not use your emails to offer this information in a lively, informative manner?
  • It may be just the push that gets a potential client to click on your site, and decide to buy, if they discover in an email that you send that you are offering a special holiday discount, or are
    adding extra software to the package you're selling.

Strategy Three: Use Your Email Signature EVERYWHERE.

  • Whether you are sending an email to your Aunt Mary, or are participating in an online email discussion list, always, always include your web site URL and email address in your signature
    (unless the online list rules forbid this).
  • This is automatic advertising for your business, and is an effective method of letting people know that you're online, and ready to receive mail from them.
  • Send Greeting Cards. If you have a regular email client list, they will most likely welcome a friendly greeting card from you during holiday time.
  • This is a great method of helping them remember you, to wish them a happy season, and to let them know about seasonal promotions.
  • They key to success with this method, of course, is that these are from your opt-in list; they know you, and have agreed to receive regular communications from your firm.
  • Don't try this with strangers, or they will be offended, and accuse you of SPAMMING them.
  • Hold a Contest. You can use email to hold a contest, and to offer prizes to winners.
  • This is one method of increasing interactivity, and to increase interest in your newsletter or ezine.
  • If the contest is at your physical location offline, you can still use email to let your customers know that it's going on, and to encourage them to participate - and to get others to sign up as well.

Strategy Four : Market Your Newsletter or Content in Ezines and Newsletters.

  • There are literally thousands of ezines (online magazines) and newsletters available today, devoted to almost every conceivable topic.
  • Do you provide wedding planning? Find the ezines that address engaged couples and wedding planning, and place an ad in one.
  • Most ezines and newsletters are quite inexpensive to advertise in (some will even give you a free ad if you write an article for them, or will trade ads with you if you publish a newsletter).
  • But some of the extremely large ones do charge hefty rates.
  • The good news? These rates are much, much less than ads in print media ...
  • Where do you find ezines and newsletters?
  • There are several directories for ezines and newsletters available online.
  • You can find ezines at www.ezine-universe.com, or at www.bestzines,com and newsletters at www.egroups.com, www.escribe.com, www.topica.com, and www.onelist.com , to name just a few of the better-known directories.
  • Create your own newsletter, online course, or ezine.
  • Want people to perceive you as an expert in your field?
  • And to market your firm effectively?
  • Then you will want to consider creating your own ezine or newsletter.
  • This is a highly effective email marketing tool for several reasons:
    • It helps you build your email list
    • You can place your own ads in it, and promote your services or affiliate programs
    • People will see your web site address, your logo, and a link to your programs in each email that you send them. They will open the emails, because you are providing them with articles and information that they want (unlike SPAM, which gets deleted immediately).
  • By using email as part of an overall marketing plan, you can increase your firm's brand identity, improve customer relations, and help get the word out about your online (or offline) business.

Article By Philip Lim

About the Author:
Philip Lim is the editor of NewbiesOnly.com which is dedicated to teaching newbies or beginner marketers to internet marketing the ropes. Enroll into our free 10 days intensive email course:
"Strategies for Internet Marketing Success". http://www.NewbiesOnly.com

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