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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:Understanding how BidMaximizer works (the main purpose of PPC BidMax)

The main purpose of BidMaximizer is to adjust your bid amount(CPC) dynamically according to your target position or ROAS setting.

There are 2 major operations(or Steps) you need to understand when auto-bidding:

1. Depending on your Bidding Level, the program will calculate your “New Bid” by checking the following:

Checking “Keyword Average Position” - The program will calculate your bids according to its average Position data that’s been received from the search engine.

2. Update Bid - this operation process will send the bid changes to your PPC account and update your Kewords' Max CPCs.

- Manual Bidding: you simply click the "Update" button and the program will update the Bid (MaxCPC) and refresh the information for the keywords

depending on the report period.

- AutoBidding: You can set up the program to run in the Schedule mode 24x7 with an interval time setting by clicking on the "Scheduler" button, select the report period, tick the Enable scheduler" and select the auto-update interval.


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Understanding how BidMaximizer works (the main purpose of PPC BidMax)

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