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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:Most of my keywords have a #1 position before using Bid Max™, after using Bid Max™, some positions have dropped, why

This is because Bid Max™ tries to reduce your MaxCPC to save your money once you have reached your Target Position.

This is how Bid Max™ works:

- If your ads average position is below your Target Position, Bid Max™ will try to increase your MaxCPC to achieve your Target Position.

- If your ads has reached your Target position, the program will try to decrease(or deduce) your MaxCPC to see if you still can stay on your target position. If your position has dropped below your Target position after reduce the MaxCPC, the program will raise your CPC again in next update, so that you can retain your Target position again.

Bid Max™ will perform above process automatically and adjust your MaxCPC dynamically. You may notice that your position would drop below your Target position on some time, but your Avg. Position should maintain your target position.

Please refer to How does Bid Max™ control my position for Google Adwords for more details.


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