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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:How can BidMaximizer save money for me for Google Adwords

As you know, you can not control your position for Google Adwords 100%. There are many factors affecting your position. The two major factors are MaxCPC and CTR.

Without BidMaximizer, you normally set a FIXED MaxCPC amount for all your keywords, in this case, you may end up to pay more money because you never know what was the next competitor bid below you. Further more, since your competitors may change their MaxCPC frequently, you may lose your desired position and paying more.

By using BidMaximizer, the program will adjust your MaxCPC DYNAMICALLY according to your position setting. This will allow you to choose the RIGHT MaxCPC value to maintain your Desired Position. You are not paying too much or less, the program will adjust your bid automically with our smart bidding Algorithm.

Advantages include:

-Easy to use and user friendly interface
-Retrieve keywords/Adgroups and Campaigns from your search engine account automatically
-Manage multiple accounts for different search engines
-Built-in keyword builder to help you to generate more relevant keywords
-"Keyword Converter" function lets you convert your keywords to "Broad", "Exact" or "Phrase" match.
-Display your current bid and keyword data
-Import your Google/Yahoo/MSN campaigns between accounts.
-Create and send reports for all your accounts with a few clicks
-Automatically update keyword bids and eliminate bid gaps
-Automatically bid to a target position
-Automatically send you the email report when your keyword bids have been updated
-Create new Campaigns / Adgorups and keywords for your accounts.
-Customized keyword, bids and ranking reports
-Export keywords/campaign reports to Excel database
-Auto Engine data file update to keep your engine data up-to-date
-Analyze your clicks on an investment ratio
-Quick link to the login page of your "Pay-Per-Click" search engines
-Automated email reports
-Schedule bid updates
-Set account Offline or Online at a specific date and time
-Offers you a detailed breakdown of your PPC advertising campaigns in real time, including cost, revenue cost, revenue earned, cost per action and the return on ad spend
-Automatically calculate new bids for your keywords based on your ROI report and ROAS/CPA settings
-Create your PPC account by importing it from another Search Engine.
-Manage your "Account" or "Campaigns" and "Ad Groups" seperately.
-Schedule the Performance Reports sending for each account.
-Customized "Report Column" for what column you want to display for the report
-Margin integration to the Performance Reports
-Keyword Category features allows you to create customized category to re-arrange your keywords
-Keyword Match Type Converter

Please refer to
Understand How BidMaximizer works with Google Adwords for more information.


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