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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:Does BidMaximizer support ROI (ROAS or CPA) bidding facility

Yes. BidMaximizer supports ROI (ROAS or CPA) bidding.

For the CPA bidding (Cost per Acquisition/Conversion), it is automatically supported by PPC BidMax. Google and Yahoo have their own conversion tracking system in place. If you set them up properly, the information will be downloaded automatically. Thus enabling the CPA bidding.

For the ROAS Bidding, since the acquisition of Dynamic Site Stats provider by Yahoo, at the moment you can use your own third party tracking system. You need to purchase the API documentation of Bid Max and feed your Site Statistical data into Bid Max, so it can change your bids accordingly.


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Does BidMaximizer support ROI (ROAS or CPA) bidding facility?

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