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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:What are the advantages of "Bid Max™"

These are some of the advantages of Using PPC BidMax 5.0:

  • Easy to use and user friendly interface

    Retrieve keywords/Adgroups and Campaigns from your search engine account automatically

  • Manage multiple accounts for different search engines

  • Built-in keyword builder to help you to generate more relevant keywords

  • "Keyword Converter" function lets you convert your keywords to "Broad",
  • "Exact" or "Phrase" match.

  • Display your current bid and keyword data

  • Import your Google/Yahoo/MSN campaigns between accounts.

  • Create and send reports for all your accounts with a few clicks

  • Automatically update keyword bids and eliminate bid gaps

  • Automatically bid to a target position or the TOP 5 positions

  • Automatically send you the email report when your keyword bids have been updated

  • Create new Campaigns / Adgorups and keywords for your accounts.

  • Customized keyword, bids and ranking reports

  • Export keywords/campaign reports to Excel database

  • Auto Engine data file update to keep your engine data up-to-date

  • Analyze your clicks on an investment ratio

  • Quick link to the login page of your "Pay-Per-Click" search engines

  • Automated email reports

  • Schedule bid updates

  • Set account Offline or Online at a specific date and time

  • Offers you a detailed breakdown of your PPC advertising campaigns in real
    time, including cost, revenue cost, revenue earned, cost per action and the
    return on ad spend

  • Automatically calculate new bids for your keywords based on your ROI report
    and ROAS/CPA settings

  • Create your PPC account by importing it from another Search Engine.

    Manage your "Account" or "Campaigns" and "Ad Groups"

  • Schedule the Performance Reports sending for each account.

  • Customized "Report Column" for what column you want to display for
    the report

  • Margin integration to the Performance Reports

  • Keyword Category features allows you to create customized category to re-arrange
    your keywords

  • vKeyword Match Type Converter


Google and Yahoo FAQ

Why my position is not showing up on Google Adwords or why the ’Current Position’ is blank?

How does Bid Max™ control my position on Google Adwords / Yahoo Search Marketing?

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How do I autobid more than once per day? I don’t see a value less than 24 hour. What do I do?

Understand how Bid Max™ works with Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing

How quick can Bid Max™ achieve my Target Position?

My Target Position is #1, I run Bid Max™ once, but it does not change my position to #1, why? (I just start to use Bid Max™ for my Google Adwords and I want to be #1 position. I run the AutoBid, but my ad still stay on #5, why?)

Most of my keywords have a #1 position before using Bid Max™, after using Bid Max™, some positions have dropped, why?

How can BidMaximizer save money for me for Google Adwords?

Is Bid Max™ able to import “Adgroups” into my account? (Or can I create new AdGroups with Bid Max™?)

What are the advantages of "Bid Max™" ?

Why is on some of the keywords, the "Current Position" blank ?

When bidding, can I update bids based on anything other than "position (average/current)" ?

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