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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:Can you give some advise how to save on "API Quota charges"

Nearly 80% of the quota usage is caused because of "Updating" the keyword bids to the "Google" server.
Remaining 20 percent is used for

- Creating new Campaign or AdGroups
- Adding new keywords
- Generating reports

We have implemented many features that helps you reduce your API charges. Following will provide you some information on how you can use these functions and how it would help to reduce your API charge:

- If you are adding new campaigns, adgroups or keywords, try to use "Adwords web interface". This will save you "Quota units" so you can use them for better operations like "updating bids".

- You can manage selected Campaigns/Adwords with your account: If you only want to manage some campaigns under your account please go to "Account settings / Campaigns" and select the campaigns you want to manage with Bid Max. This will only "Load" the campaigns needed from the server thus will save you "Quota Units".

-"Load KW" function is implemented on "AdGroup" level:
Now you can "Load Keywords" for selected campaigns or adgroups. If you want to load keywords for a selected Adgroup then please select the Campaign then select the Adgroup and click on "Load KW". This is only going to load the keywords for the selected adgroup. If you wish to load keywords for the whole campaign simply select the campaign and leave "Adgroup" as "ALL" then program will download the all keywords in the campaing when "Load KW" clicked.

-Only Keywords with "Optimize" checked is updated.
If you uncheck keywords under "Optimize" column, then program will not be updating those keywords. If you think that some keywords do not have enough "impression" or "click through rate" then you can choose not to update the bids on those keywords by un-checking "Optimize".

-You can choose not to update the keywords if there is no "Impression" for those keywords. To achieve this please go to "Account settings" by choosing the account and clicking on "Edit" button. Choose "Options" tab and check "Do not update bids if the keyword does not have impression". This function helps to save quota units because program does not waste quota units for updating "invaluable" keywords.

-You can choose not to "change bid" if the keyword is already in your "target position range". Under "Account settings / Options" tab, please check "Do not change bid if Current Positon or average position is in target position range". When this option is checked, if a keyword is in "Target Position" then itís bid is not going to get changed, thus will save on "quota units"

-If you are running the program with "Scheduler" function, please make the intervals bigger for autobidding. Updating your keywords too frequently might cost a lot of "API quota units" if you have many keywords.

-You can try to find out the "optimum" result by changing the functions of the Bid Maximizer and see how much of you API quota you have used for a specific time through "API Manager".


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