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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:Create New Account- Convert / Import Campaign(s) from another PPC account in PPC Bid Max 5.0

This function lets you create a new account using the information of another
account created in Bid Max.
To give an example, if you already have an account on Google Adwords, and you
are managing this account through Bid Max, then your program can convert this
account into Yahoo! account and update it to the engine with a few mouse

Example: I have already created an account called "Apex SEO" on Bid Max under
Google Engine and i would like to create the same account under Yahoo! engine.

You could use this tool to create your Yahoo! campaign(s) using the
information from the Apex SEO (Google) account.

When you chose Convert / Import Campaign(s) from another PPC account
option and click on Next you will go through some steps to create your new
Step 1- Select Engine and Account:

On this step, please select the Engine and the Account where you want to
import your information from.

Example: If we want to convert our Apex SEO account from Google engine, then
select "Google" as the "From Engine" and "Apex SEO" as the "From Account".
We want to create our new campaign on Yahoo! so we should select "Yahoo!" as
"To Engine"

Step 2- Please enter your "To Engine" account information. and click on

Example: If we want to convert our Google account "Apex SEO" to Yahoo! then
we need to enter the details of our Yahoo! Search Marketing account on this

Step3- Select Campaigns and Change the Settings:

On this step, please select the Campaigns you want to convert and change
their settings if desired.
You can also click on "New" button to create a new Campaign.
After you choose the campaigns and change their settings, please click on
"Next" to proceed to next step

Example: If we only want to convert two of our Campaigns from Apex SEO, then
please select these two only. If we want to change any preferences of the
campaign, we can do so on this step.

Step 4- Select the AdGroups and Change Their Settings:

On this step, please go through your Campaigns from the drop down menu and
select the adGroups that you want to convert to your new account.
You can also click on the AdGroup and change its settings and
On this step, if you wish to create a new AdGroup, you can do so by clicking
on "New Adgroup" button then enter the details of the adgroup into the
After you choose the AdGroups and change their settings, please click on
"Next" to proceed to the next step.

Example: From the two campaigns selected for Apex SEO, we can choose to get
only one AdGroup per our campaigns. And also we can change the Max CPC of the
AdGroup as we would not want to spend as much money on Yahoo! as

Step5- Select/Add Keywords to be converted:

On this step you can go through your Campiagns/ Adgroups and select the
keywords that you want to convert. If you want to add new keywords, then please
choose the specific Campaign and Account and enter the keyword into the field on
the bottom of the page as instructed and click on "Add" button.
On this step you can also change the MaxCPC of some of your keywords
After choosing the keywords, please click on Next to proceed to the next

Step 6- Enter New Account Details:

On this step you will enter the New account details that we will create under
Bid Max.
Account Name: Is the name we want to give to this account under Bid
Max. (will not update to Search Engine)
Default Maximum Bid: The maximum amount you want to spend for a
Default Minimum Bid: The minimum amount you want to spend for a
Default Target Position: Is the position that you want to be at on
search results.
Default URL: Is the URL that you use for this PPC account.
Do not update Bids if the keyword does not have impression: Program
will check the impression of the keywords and if there are no impressions, then
it will not change the bid of the keyword if you select this option.
Increase CPC to engineís minimum bid to activate inactive keywords
If you check this option, then program will increase your
bids to the minimum allowed bid of the search engine if your keywords are below
this limit.
Update Inactive Keywords: If you check this option, then program will
update your keywords even if they are inactive on the engine.
Performance Report Setting: If you enter the email address and the
subject, then you can send the reports with a click of a mouse through the
program. Once you create the report, if you click on "Email Report" then program
will email the report created to the mail address you enter here with the
subject line entered here.

Step 7- Review Your New Account Information and submit it to the search

On this step, please check the information about your Campaigns, AdGroups and
keywords and make sure there are no mistakes. If there are any problems, please
go back and correct it.
If there are no problems, please click on "Submit" button and the program
will create your new campaigns, adgroups and keywords on the search engine
After program creates the account, you can see it on the left accounts panel
and choose it to manage it.


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