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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:What’s New in v5.1

f you are an existing client of Bid Max 5.0 or older, please read the information below when upgrading from previous version. Please skip this section if you are a new client.

1. Better management of your bids with more automated bidding algorithm.
2. New bidding algorithm that changes bid increments dynamically by analyzing bid history.
3. Customized "Keyword Column" so that you can specify which column do you want to show on the screen
4. Show "campaign" and "AdGroup" name on the "Keyword" window, so that you can easily identify the keywords belong to which Campaign or Adgroup, and easily to nevigate the keyword list quickly.
5. Customized "Report Column" for what column you want to display for the report
6. Keyword Category features allows you to create customized category to re-arrange your keywords to different category for easy management
7. Improved ROI bidding strategy and added a new column "ROI Bidding" under the "Keyword" tab, so that you can easily to see if the ROI bidding strategy has been enable or not. If you see the ROI bidding value, then it means that it is enable. If the ROI bidding has been enable, the NEW bid will be changed according to the ROI bidding.
8. Traffice Estimator for new keywords that are not in your account: You can access this function from two places: 1). From "Tools/keywords Builder" menu window. 2) from "Tools/Traffic Estimator" menu window.
9. Support geo-Targeting for Region/City
10. Support Content match update for Adgroups
11. Import Ads from .CSV file
12. Plus many many more


Version 5.1 Upgrade FAQ

is upgrade is FREE?

What’s New in v5.1?

Is this upgrade is a compulsory?

Do I lost my account data in V5.1?

I have 100's of accounts under V5.0, do I need to re-set up the account again?