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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:Whatís the relationship between Apex Pacific and Dynamic Software

Dynamic Software was the old brand name of Apex Pacific. This brand name has been used by a previous Apex Pacific Distributor Al Costanzo to resell Apex Pacific products.

Distributor License to Dynamic Software(Al Costanzo) has been Revoked

This email is to inform you that the Distributor(Reseller) license for following reseller to resell all Apex Pacific software products under the brand name Dynamic Software has been revoked.

Al Costanzo/DynamicSoftware
PO Box 4031
Roselle Park, NJ 07204

Previously, the above reseller was selling Apex Pacific products under the company name "Dynamic Software" and under these web sites:


However, all Apex Pacificís product name and brand name including Dynamic Submission, Dynamic BidMaximizer, SEO Suite, PPC BidMax, Dynamic MailCommunicator, Dynamic Web Ranking, Dynamic Email Validator and Dynamic Software are the intellectual properties of Apex Pacific.

If you are a client of PPC BidMax(or BidMaximizer), please contact Apex Pacific immediately at service@apexpacific.com to update your contact details and payment information.

"Dynamic Software" does not have the legal rights to charge you starting from 13th November 2008, this applies to all monthly or yearly subscribed clients of BidMaximizer. You need to contact us at service@apexpacific.com to convert your account to Apex Pacific immediately in order for us to provide you with future update and support.

If you have been charged by Dynamic Software after 13th November 2008, please contact your bank to lodge a chargeback. All payments will need to be made payable to Apex Pacific starting from 14th November 2008.

All Apex Pacific products must be purchared or upgraded from:


For all future technical support and customer service, please contact Apex Pacific at support@apexpacific.com.

Unsupported Products

Any products sold by Al Costanzo (Dynamic Software) starting from 13th of November 2008 are not supported by Apex Pacific and do not have any connection to Apex Pacific in any way. All the Apex Pacific products sold by Al Costanzo (Dynamic Software) prior to the 13th of November 2008 will still be supported by Apex Pacific.

To clarify about the email sent by Al Costanzo recently regarding SaaS, it is NOT an upgrade of PPC BidMax(BidMaximizer) and not a part any software release from Apex Pacific.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.

If you have any question about any part of this email, please contact us at support@apexpacific.com.

Apex Pacific Customer Service


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