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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:PPC BidMax version 5.1 update

Apex Pacific is proud to announce the new PPC BidMax V5.1 has been released! This is an exciting kick off to introduce our newest features and functions. As we have taken into ideal considerations of our valued customer’s feedback we bring to you our new and improved product! Our goal is to simplify our customer’s lives.

After more than 10 months of re-development and the investment of over a hundred working hours we have brought to you an outstanding product with phenomenal adjustments. Our new features will improve your business sales and expand your opportunities to a bigger and brighter future.
Here are some of our newly developed features:

1. We have improved our bidding algorithm for both position bidding and ROI bidding strategies, so that you can achieve your target position or ROI goals more effectively.

2. You can now view and show “Campaigns” and “AdGroup Statistics”. This will allow you to quickly view the overall performance of your Campaign/AdGroup

3. The “Keyword Column” is now customized so that you can specify which column you want displayed on your screen. You can maximize your screen estate to display the information that you want to see.
PPC Bidmax

4. You can now easily identify your Keywords that belong to which Campaign or AdGroup you have running, it’s so simple to navigate the Keyword list quickly and efficiently.

5.Customization goes a long way with our new customized column feature. Your “Report Column” can now be set up the way you want showing the data you want on your screen. This is a fantastic function so that you can see what’s shown in your report.
PPC Bidmax

6. Our “Keyword Category” features allow you to create customized categories to re-arrange your keywords to different groups for easy management.
PPC Bidmax

7. The new and improved ROI Bidding Strategy has now been added to your column “ROI Bidding” under the “Keyword” tab. You can now see if the ROI bidding strategy has been enabled or not.
PPC Bidmax

8. With our new “Traffic Estimator” you can evaluate your new keywords before adding them to your account.
PPC Bidmax

9. We have now implemented geo-Targeting for Region/City. Changing the geo-Targeting has never been faster and easier.
PPC Bidmax

10. Implemented Content match update for AdGroups. Now you can update your AdGroups’ directly from the program.
PPC Bidmax

11. We have improved the campaign conversion function for converting campaigns between Google, Yahoo! And MSN, and now you can convert campaigns to existing accounts.
12. The Keyword Builder function has been improvement so that you can add new keywords to your account directly from the Keyword Builder.
13. The Keyword Builder function has been improvement so that you can add new keywords to your account directly from the Keyword Builder.

PPC BidMax 5.1 PPC Consultant and Agency Features

Advance features for PPC Consultant or agency:

* Implemented Schedule Performance Report function to sent performance report for each account automatically.
* Commission Margin integration to the Performance Reports so that you can add commission margin to your client’s report
* Implemented Client manager function for PPC agency allows you to manage your clients more effectively.
* PPC agency can manage and monitoring client payments, set client account status to Active, Suspend and Stop.

We would like to thank our customers for there full support and feedback, allowing us to develop the new and improved PPC BidMax V5.1! We are now working and
focusing on our next release, continuing to add functionality and creating simplicity for all users. We’re confident that the new PPC BidMax V5.1 will continue to become a market leader amongst the Internet Marketing World.

Please click Here to Download The New PPC BidMax V5.1


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PPC BidMax version 5.1 update

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