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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:How to upgrade Google ClientLogin to OAuth 2.0

Currently, you are using Google ClientLogin method to access your Google Adwords account with PPC BidMax, it means that you need to enter your Google Adwords username and password in PPC BidMax under the account setting window.

Google ClientLogin method is expected to sunset after June 2014. Now, you need to download the last version of PPC BidMax to upgrade to the new oAuth 2.0.

OAuth 2.0 is an open standard that allows users to grant permissions to third-party applications(such as PPC BidMax), so that the application can interact with web services on the userís behalf. It enables your PPC BidMax application to access a userís AdWords account without having to handle or store the userís username or password.

Please follow the instruction below carefully to upgrade your current ClientLogin to OAuth 2.0:

1. Download the latest version of PPC BidMax from http://www.apexpacific.com/software/dbmsetup.exe and install on your computer. You donít need to remove your current program.

2. Re-start PPC BidMax,

3. Open your account setting window, your username and password fields have been removed, instead you will see a new button "Get Authentication" as show below:

NOTE: If you are an agency and your customers have linked all their Adwords accounts under your MCC account, please select "Use MCC login details" option.

4. Click on the "Get Authentication" button, the program will popup a new "Account Authentication" window as below:

this is the Google account login page, here you will enter your username and password directly on the Googleís website, then click the "Sign In" button.

If you have already logged in to your Google account, you will see something like this:

Just click the "Continue" button.

5. After you click the "Sign In" or "Continue" button from above, you will receive a new page as below:

6. Click the "Accept" button from above, you will be redirected back to PPC BidMax account setting window. If you have authorized successfully, you will see a green tick image as show below:

7. Then click the "OK" button to save your settings.

8. If you have multiple accounts in PPC BidMax, please repeat above steps for all your accounts.


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