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Frequently Asked Questions - PPC BidMax™

Q:What happens if I canít connect to Search Engines after i create my Bid Max account in the program

If you can not log into the Search Engine from Bid Max*, please follow the instructions/precedure below:

1. Firstly, update the engine data by going to "File/Update engine data" to get the latest update. This happens sometimes because PPC engines frequently change their interface and settings. We, in reponse, update the engines to reflect these changes.

2. Double check that you entered correct login name and password for your account.
If you are using Google as Search Engine, make sure:

-You have selected the correct Login Type and entered correct email/Password,

-You have entered a valid Developer Token into the account settings,

If you are using Yahoo! as a search engine make sure you have entered your Account ID and Master Account ID correctly into the program.

3. Lastly goto the PPC engineís site and try to log in manually. Sometimes the server is down for maintenance and not available for use, which is the most common cause of the problem.

If you ar persistantly having trouble to log into the server, please send the "Error.log" file to support@apexpacific.com with a detailed description of the issue. [By default, the Error.Log file is located at C:\Program Files\Dynamic\PPC Bid Max 5.0]

*This means you can not get a response, or you receive an error message in following conditions:
- After you create your account in Bid Max, and try to load you account into the program
-When you click on "Get Acc Data" button you receive an error message
-When you click on "AutoBid" button you receive an error message
-When you clcik on "Get KW Data" button you receive an error message


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