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Assisted Support

Get help from our professional support . Support options for Apex Software™ could include phone or e-mail assistance.

  • Technical Support
  • Our Technical staff is available to assist our valuable customers with any type of technical problem. We train our staff to guide each customer through their individual problem, until it is resolved.
  • Sales Inquiry
  • Please let us know of should you have any question regarding Sales.

Online SEO Solution

  • Online SEO Service
  • Looking for a web based and online Search Engine Optimization solution, Dynamic SEO is an Automated online Search Engine submission and Optimization (SEO) tools to boost your web site traffic.
Knowledge Base

Email Validator - Mailing List Management and Email Address Validation Tool

Email ValidatorVerify and clean up your mailing list for invalid email addresses and avoid "bounce-back" / undelivered emails from your mail box and mailing list. Determines whether those email addresses are valid or not without send them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Solutions to common issues in using this Search Engine Submission Software and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Software

»What happens if I send HTML messages using Mail Communicator to someone that can only read text messages?

»When sending out HTML messages using Mail Communicator, the images do not get properly displayed on recipientís computer. What should I do?

»How do I get the bounced back emails from my email account?

»Can I insert a picture in the messages?

»Does Dynamic Mail Communicator Support HTML emails?


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