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Facts & Tips - Dynamic Mail Communicator™

Email Marketing - How to do it yourself and do it right

What can email marketing do for me?

Impact of Email on Commerce

According to the Consumer Email Study conducted by DoubleClick in October 2002, email is a major driver of multi-channel purchasing. The study showed that when used effectively, permission-based email has a dramatic affect on both online and offline purchasing. 78% of online shoppers have made a purchase after clicking on an email.

Permission based email is an incredibly powerful communication tool for marketers and publishers. Consumers respond to emails not only in the online world, but increasingly, offline too: they often click through an email but purchase at a later time online or offline.

Why should you be marketing via email?

Email is the most popular and most used application on the internet. Email marketing will drive site traffic, build loyalty, increase brand awareness and create sales.

» Low costs and high response rates

When you compare the cost of distributing information via e-mail vs. printed fliers and postage, e-mail wins hands down. Traditional direct marketing is expensive, and typically returns a 1-3% response rate. Email direct marketing, in contrast, costs pennies per name, and targeted email messages often deliver responses (in terms of click-through links) of 5-15%. Email marketing is the easiest and most cost effective way to reach out to your customers on a regular basis.

» Fast execution

Traditional direct marketing programs take a long time to create, execute and analyse the results. Email campaigns can be executed in minutes with immediate real-time measurable results.

» Bidirectional communication

Unlike most of traditional marketing channels, email marketing allows the recipient of your messages to easily get back to you, thus allowing you to improve customer service and retention.

Related FAQs: How can Dynamic Mail Communicator help me save money?

Dynamic Mail Communicator is desk top email marketing software that you install on your PC. That means you only need to pay once and you will be able send as many as emails you like at any time.

Compare that solution to email service providers: they charge on number of emails you send or a monthly fee. The logic is that the more email you send, the more you'll save, and that is what happens when buying Mail Communicator software. With Mail Communicator, you pay for the software one time, and you have unlimited use.

Using an example, if your subscriber base is 10,000 and you send an announcement twice a month, you'll be sending 240,000 emails per year. At the average rate of one cent per email charged by email service providers, you'd spend $1000's of dollars over the years.

Mail Communicator, in comparison, is a fraction of that price, and you only pay for it once. Then, year after year, you can keep sending emails at no additional charge. You can create an unlimited number of email campaigns and send an unlimited number of messages without any additional charge.