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Frequently Asked Questions - SEO Suite

Q:Whatís the difference between the Site Info of web profile and the Meta Tag

Your web site profile details and the Meta tag of your web site are two different things. Although both have a title, keyword and description, the Site Info of your web site profile will be used for submission to Directory Engines like Dmoz.org while the Meta Tag details of your web page will be used for Spider search engines,
like Google.

Site Info details(include the Title, Keywords and Description information) you enter in the "Site Info" tab of the web Profile window will be sent to the search engines by SEO Suite

Meta Tag Details(include the Title, Keywords and Description information) of your web page will NOT be submitted by SEO Suite, these information will be retrieved from your web site by the "Spider" type of search engines automatically.

Note: You can have up to 1000 characters in the Keyword Meta Tag of your web page. However, you can only enter 200 characters for Keyword field of the "Web Site Profile". There is NO conflict between these two items, they are refering to two different things.

Not all engines use all of the data. Different search engines have different requirements. Some request Site Title and Description, some may request Keywords as well. However, you need to complete all the fields so that SEO Suite can submit the appropriate data to the appropriate engines when the need arises


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Whatís the difference between the Site Info of web profile and the Meta Tag?

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