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Assisted Support

Get help from our professional support . Support options for Apex Software™ could include phone or e-mail assistance.

  • Technical Support
  • Our Technical staff is available to assist our valuable customers with any type of technical problem. We train our staff to guide each customer through their individual problem, until it is resolved.
  • Sales Inquiry
  • Please let us know of should you have any question regarding Sales.

Online SEO Solution

  • Online SEO Service
  • Looking for a web based and online Search Engine Optimization solution, Dynamic SEO is an Automated online Search Engine submission and Optimization (SEO) tools to boost your web site traffic.
Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Submission™

Solutions to common issues in using Dynamic Submission™ a Search Engine Submission Software and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Software

»What shall I do after I create or update the Meta Tag?
»How many keywords can be entered for each web site?
»What is Doorway Page?
»What is Meta Tag?
»What is Link Popularity?
»What shall I do after I create the doorway page?
»In Optimization report, I can enter up to 1000 characters for keyword Meta Tag. But in the site info of web profile, the character limit is 200, why?

»Is there any difference between the ’website’ in Dynamic Submission and the actual website?
»How do I avoid receiving excess emails from FFA engines?
»Will I need to purchase a license in order to do multiple site submissions?
»Are you going to release a version of Dynamic Submission for Mac computers?
»What type of product guarantee do you offer?
»How do you compare to similar applications that claim to submit to 500,000+ engines?

Registration & Setup
»What happens if I had a type error and accidentally used up all the domains in the Standard or Professional edition?
»How do I transfer the software, the files and the logs of my first submission to another PC?
»The search engines won’t update automatically. Why is that?
»I have entered a proxy server, why do I still have problems with the connection?
»Can I install Dynamic Submission on different computers?
»I tried to register my details, but an error message is saying my registration code is invalid?
»The program is saying my registration code is cancelled but I haven’t cancelled it?
»How do I use Dynamic Submission with a firewall?

Search Engines
»What’s Pay-Per-Click Search Engines?
»How many Search Engines will Dynamic Submission post my web site details to? (How often do you update your engine data file?)
»What’s the difference between directory, FFA and general engines?
»How often do I need to update the engine data files?
»How do 'Spider' Search Engines work?
»How do Search Engines deal with Web sites that are no longer there? Do they use any process to remove such sites from their listings?
»Can I add new engines that are not included in your engine data file?

»Why are there submission failures on the Submission Report?
»How long does it take to have my web site indexed?
»Why aren’t my web sites indexed by the Search Engines? (We have been using your product for around 5 weeks now, submitting about every week or so, however, we’re not showing up anywhere on any of the major Search Engines. What am I doing wrong?)
»How often shall I submit my web sites to search engines? (Does my web site will be banned by search engines if I submit to often?)
»Should I submit all my web pages or just the main index page?
»Why does my position on Search Engines constantly change?
»Is Dynamic Submission accepted by all Search Engines?
»Most Search Engines only allow you to register with them once, don’t they? (What if I change my Web Page address or start using another provider so that I have two Web Page addresses to promote? Would I then be allowed to register my Web Page address
»What is domain limitation in Dynamic Submission?
»Is there a way to get the site / page info ( title, description etc ) for each page submitted without doing a "manual" submission 1 page at a time?

Web Project & Web Profile
»What is a Web Project?
»What is a Web Profile?
»How to add Site URLs to your Web Profile?
»What’s the difference between the Site Info of web profile and the Meta Tag?
»How to convert web profile(my old setting) from version 6 to new version 7.0?
»Understanding Project and Web Site Profile Structure
»I'm running non-english windows XP/Vista, everytime I create a new Web Project and Profile, it is not getting saved, what do I do?