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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Submission

Q:I have entered a proxy server, why do I still have problems with the connection

Check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Network administrator to see which setting you should use: proxy server or direct connection.

In the case of direct connection, just go to the "File>Configuration" window and make sure you have the correct settings chosen.

If a proxy server is required, please go to "File>Configuration" and make sure you have the correct proxy server set up.

It is not uncommon in a local area network or internal network, that a computer name is used for proxy server name, such as CYCLONE, PROXY, etc. These are not valid internet addresses. If you are experiencing issues, use the IP address of the proxy server such as and it should work fine.

Contact your system administrator or Internet Service Provider for detailed information regarding the proxy server.

If problems persists, please contact our support staff directly for help at support@apexpacific.com. Please attach your "Error.log" file located in the same directory of the program. By default you can get your "Error.log" file by going to C:>Program Files>Dynamic>Dynamic Submission.

NOTE: if you are using Windows 7, the error.log file could be under C:>User account name>AppData>Local>VirtualStore>Program Files>Dynamic>Dynamic Submission.


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I have entered a proxy server, why do I still have problems with the connection?

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