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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Submission

Q:How to add Site URLs to your Web Profile

When you are still under the “Site Info” tab of web site Profile, click “Add” button at the bottom and you will see “Add URL” screen with 4 choices.

Enter a single URL.

Type the actual full URL of your site or web page, such as http://www.yourdomain.com/index.html or http://www.your-isp.com/~yoursite /index.html. Then click "Add" button to add it to the URL list.

This is probably the most important field because if you make a mistake here, no one will be able to find your site! The URL always starts with http:// and then continues with the full location of your site.

Load URLs from a file

You can also load a list of URLs from a file with one URL per line. For example:




Select a file and click “import” button to add them to the URL list.

Retrieve URLs from a web site

It allows you to retrieve all the URLs from a web site and add them to the URL list. Some people call this a "Mirror Page" or "deep promotion". Whatever it is called, it provides you with an easy way to enter your URLs quickly.

Simply enter your web site URL and then click the "Get" button (Check the box if you want to get the same domain URLs only). The program will retrieve all URLs from your web page and generate the full web site URL.

You can also specify some filter keywords to filter out the URLs which you don’t want to retrieve from your web page.

Create URLs from a local folder

This feature allows you to quickly create the URL list from the local HTML files in a local folder and combine it with your default domain name.

Simply select the local directory where your local HTML files are stored and enter your web site domain name, then click the "Get" button. The program will combine the local HTML file name in your local directory with the domain name you specified and generate a full web site URL.

For example, you have 3 HTML files in your local directory "C:my web files" as below:

C:my web filesindex1.html

C:my web filesindex2.html

C:my web filesindex3.html

Then if your domain name is: www.your-domain.com, the program will generate 3 full web site URLs as below:




If you enter www.your-domain.com/sub-directory/, then the program will generate the following URLs for you:




Note: Please make sure you have saved the web site details after your enter your web site URLs.


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