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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Submission

Q:How do I use Dynamic Submission with a firewall

Dynamic Submission needs to connect to the internet to run, so some firewall or anti-virus software may affect the running of Dynamic Submission if they are not set up properly.

When you first run Dynamic Submission your firewall may trigger an alert asking you if you want to allow the program access to the internet. Click on "Please Allow", then check the box that says "Remember this setting" or "Always Allow".

If you are experiencing difficulties and connection problems please follow the instructions to add Dynamic Submission to the list of trusted programs in your firewall. Note: the exact steps may be different depending on your specific firewall program.

General instructions for all Firewalls

1. Go to the list of trusted/allowed programs Note: if you cannot find the list of trusted programs, it may be under "Settings"
2. Click "Add program"
3. Navigate to "C:/Program Files/Dynamic/Dynamic Submission" and select "ds.exe"
4. Make sure the program is set to "Allow" and it has "Full access"

Please see below for specific instructions for popular firewalls

Windows Firewall Configuration

Go to Control Panel > Security Centre > Windows Firewall > Allow a program through Windows Firewall


Open Firewall > Click "Settings" > Add Program

Norton Internet Security

Network > Settings > Program Control > Configure > Add

Norton 360

PC Security > Firewall > Program Control > Add

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Settings > Threats and Exclusions > Exclusions > Add > Check all Exclusions


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