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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Submission

Q:What shall I do after I create the doorway page

After the doorway page is created, you need to Optimize your Doorway Page with Site Optimizer and upload them to your web server by using your FTP manager program. With Dynamic Submission, you can use the FTP Upload Clients feature to upload your new doorway page to your web server and later submit it to search engines. For more information on how to upload the page to your web server, see FTP Upload Clients.

Put all your pages in a folder on your server e.g. /your-domain//(note, do NOT use the name "doorway" as folder name, please use the most important keyword as a sub-folder name). Then create 2 more pages that have a link and a small description to each of your doorways and to each other. These are called corridor pages because the spider travels down them, visiting each page linked off them. Call these 2 pages index and home and place them in the folder with your doorway pages. Then place links to these two pages from your main index page so that a spider will be able to find them and list all your doorways. You can place a "VISIBLE TEXT" link at the bottom of the main page (index page) of your website. Submit only your index page and your 2 corridor pages. Do not submit your doorways to the engines, search engine spider will automatically index these pages once they come to the corridor page.

(Please do NOT use any hidden link like 1x1 pixel image, It is very easy for the search engines to track the hidden links and can cause your website to be banned)


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What shall I do after I create the doorway page?

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