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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Submission

Q:How long does it take to have my web site indexed

Please note that many search engines take a few days to a few weeks to index your web sites to their database. Many major search engines take more than 4 weeks even 6 weeks to index your web page. Please give yourself enough time for the engines to add your site to the database.

How Spider Engines work:
After you submit your web site to the engines, your URL will be first stored in a "temporary" database, and then the search engines will send a "robot" or "spider" later in a regular time to "visit" your web site and determine whether your web site to be indexed or not. Most major engines will "spide" your web site more than 2 weeks, while some other engines may take more than 6 weeks.

Note: Please also note that there is not guarantee that your web site will be indexed by search engines even the "robot" has visited your site. Normally, you don't receive any reply from those "spider" engines when your web site has been indexed.

How Directory Engines Work:
For directory type of engines like Yahoo is different to those spider engines such as "AltaVista", "Google" etc,. Yahoo. depends on real people to decide who gets listed in their indices. For instance, Yahoo! has dozens of editors who review submitted sites and decide whether or not to include them on the Yahoo! lists. And, while there's no guarantee that an editor will even look at your site once you submit it, you are very lucky if they accept your submission with in a few days.

How Pay-Per-Inclusion Engine Works
For Pay-Per-Inclusion engines, normally your web site will be indexed within 2 to 7 days depends on the payment plan you sign up. Some Pay-Per-Inclusion engines such as Yahoo or LookSmart request you to pay more if you would like to have your web site indexed within 3 days.

How your web site rank?
Furthermore, even though your web site has been added to the database, but because thousands of web sites will be added to the search engines every day, if your web site does not list on the top position of the engines, it is very hard to find your web site. Submit your web site to the search engines and how well your web site rank on the search engine are two DIFFERENT things. How well you web site rank depends on many factors, you can get more information on the "How to improve your web ranking" at http://www.apexpacific.com/kwonledgebase/

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get your web site to the top 10 position in 2 or 3 days
To get your web sites list at the top position of the search engine is a progress, it does not happen just overnight. You need to learn and study the way how to improve your web ranking and use the tools we provide in Dynamic Submission to improve your ranking smoothly. It is impossible to expect your web sites to be indexed at the top positions in just 2 or 3 days. Normally, it may take 2 or 3 MONTHS to move your web site from the bottom to the top.

How to improve my web ranking?
The best way to improve your odds of getting listed--and highly ranked--on any search engine or directory is to use the right words. Please use all the tools we provided within the Dynamic Submission to optimize your web site and move your site to the top position on all major search engines by the keywords you selected.

With directories, those words include choosing the proper category where your site should be listed, and making sure that your pages are interesting enough to catch the editor's eye. Creativity can be the key to getting a good directory listing.

You need to be creative in a different way to attract a search engine's attention. Search engine spiders sort and rank sites using "keywords"--terms that they think describe the content on your site. These keywords can be located in one or more places on your page: the title, the first few paragraphs of text, and inside Meta tags on your pages. Not all search engines look for keywords in all those places, however. And some weight words in different places higher than in other places.

The content of your web page is the key to get your web site to be list on the search engines. If your web site is only designed for "Good Looking" such as contain only the images, flash, javascript etc, but there are no "valuable" contents on the page, your web site will be simply ignored by the search engines because the search engines will index web sites which contain the "valuable information" not just "good looking" image.


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