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Tutorial - Dynamic Submission™

Site Info: You can automatically load Meta Tag details from your web site to the web profile created or manually enter the details.


1. If you want to automatically retrieve the web site details from the Meta Tag(s) of your web site, see Auto Load Site Info section for details. This is a quick way for you to load the web site information.

Note: Site Info you entered here is different from the Meta Tag of your web site. The site info of your web site profile will be used for submission to Directory Engines like Dmoz.org, while the Meta Tag details will be used for Spider search engines, like Google. For details on different types of search engines, you can view from Understanding Search Engines.

Not all engines use all of the data. Different search engines have different requirements. Some request Site Title and Description, some may request Keywords as well. However, you need to complete all the fields so that Dynamic Submission can submit the appropriate data to the appropriate engines when the need arises.

2. Or you can manually enter the web site details.


Select a web profile. Or create your web project, web profile and enter all the site details (see Create a Web profile for details).

2. Click “Optimizer” button on the main tool bar to optimise your web submission.

3. Simply select the URL from the URL list and keyword from the keyword list, and then click the "Optimize" icon on the right.

4. Or click the “open” icon and select a full local HTML file name on your PC (such as "c:\webpages\index.html") in the "File Location" box, then click on the "Optimize" button.

5. The Web Site Optimizer Report will show on the screen. The "Optimizer" will check “title”, “keywords" and “description" Meta Tag and the first 200 characters of your web page contents, and then provide you with the tips on how to improve it. This will help you"optimize" your web page and get the best ranking on most major Search Engines.


You can switch from the “Optimizer” page to “Highlight” page at the bottom to view your web page with highlighted keyword you have selected. It's easy for you to see exactly where the keywords are in the page.