Email Tracking

Email Tracking couldn't be simpler

Mail Communicator™ also integrates Email Tracking systems that allows you to track your email campaigns, Track how many visitors open your email campaign, how many click-thrus and sales, and also calculates ROI.

  • Track your email campaign in just one click.
  • Track how many visitors open your email campaign.
  • Track how many click-thrus to your website.
  • Track how many sales conversion.
  • Calculates Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Drill down complete detail for each individual recipient.
  • Segment visitors by Region / Country
  • View campaign progress over time with report history.
  • Email Tracking - Campaign Management
    Campaign Management
  • Email Tracking - Campaign Summary
    Campaign Summary
  • Email Tracking - Detailed Page View Unique Visitors
    Detailed page Visitors
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