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Mailing list is the heart of email marketing campaign and is a valuable asset of your business. Good email list does not come in a CD, on the web or from yellowpages. Forget about paying a service that offers you a mailing list for a certain amount of money. That email list will never work and most likely you will be spamming. In order to be successful you need a highly targeted mailing list, that you create yourself using the information given from your customers.

After you have build the mailing list, then you need to manage the email list. Because most likely you will have a huge email list, It is required to have an email list manager or mailing list management software that will allow you to manage the email list easily and conveniently.

Mail Communicator™ is a Mailing List Software that allows you to manage your mailing list conveniently.

  • Use a Mailing list wizard built in to the Mailing List Software to create a new email list in a step-by-step process easily.
  • Import mailing list database from various data source including Outlook Address book, Mail Folder (Eudora, Netscape, etc), MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Local or Online XML
  • Automatically clean up your email list from a "bounced-back" email address
  • Mailing List Management tools & Mailing List Software, do a sort, de-duplication, split, merge to your email list with just a click of a button.

This Mailing List Management software and mailing list software is just what you need to maintain your email list an essential assets of your business. As a result you can create a successful email marketing campaign.

Mailing List Software with Mailing List Wizard - Create your own new email list easily in a step-by-step process

Mailing List Software - Manage your email list do a sort, de-duplication, split, merge to your email list

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