Dealership Program

An Invitation To Your Success!


  • Earn 40% commission on all sales resulting from your website.
  • Receive customized software with your company name, email address and web site details embedded in them.
  • Have FULL control of your business.
  • No reseller license required.

Example: If a client visits your site, discovers SEO Suite 8.0 (Standard Edition) (RP: $119.95) and goes on to purchase SEO Suite 8.0, you can receive 40% of the selling price. This equates to $US47.98 for one sale! You can process the order yourself if you have a merchant account and the amount will be yours immediately. Alternatively, we can process the order for you at absolutely no charge and send you the commission at the end of every month.

How does the Software Dealership Program work?

After signing up, we will provide you with a dealer ID and a customized copy of the software with your company name, logo and web site details embedded in the software to distinguish you as an authorized dealer.

You can then host the software on your own web server. The client will place the order directly with you. You can process the order yourself if you have a merchant number or we can process it for you if you do not This service is offered by us ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If you process orders yourself, you keep 40% of the sales and we will charge your credit card for the balance. If you would like us to process the order for you (FREE SERVICE), we will send you the commission on the following month after the sales was made, provided this commission amount is over $150. If the commission amount is below $150, it will roll over to the following months until the amount reaches $150. For example, if a client purchases XGen SEO Lifetime (Standard Edition) from you in March, the $239.60 commission amount will be sent to you at the end of April after it passes the 30 day refund period.

When you receive an order from your client, you need to pass the software serial number to us. Once the order has been approved, we will issue your client's registration code to you.

Simple steps

  • You will need to create a website for the software. We will provide you with a sample website template and you can easily modify the webpages to suit your website needs.
  • Upload the customized software(s) to your web server and point your download link to the software URL.
  • Submit ALL your websites to ALL search engines and repeat this on a regular basis. You need to purchase at least one copy of Software to start with.
  • Keep promoting your website and combine different methods to achieve a solid marketing synergy.

We provide the following support for FREE...

  • After sales service
  • Processing of orders
  • Handling customer inquires
  • Advice on developing more attractive websites
  • Comprehensive sales Q&A to help you or your sales people answer questions about the software.

Getting Started...

Nothing could be easier, simply click fill in the registration form and you will receive the instructions on how to set up your dealer web site within 24 hours. We will also send you a web page template which you can easily upload to your web site and get started as soon as possible. The only requirement is you need to have your own web site with your own domain name.