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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Mail Communicator™

Q:How do I set up a recurring newsletter campaign for consecutive time periods

Below is an example of the steps to set up the campaign to automatically send your new suscribers 30 newsletters starting from the day they sign up. Thus, each day that new subscriber will receive a newsletter for 30 days. Note: You can specify any time period and time interval you like, we just chose one email for 30 days as an example.

The steps are as follows:

1. You will need to set up a "Message Rule" that will help you:
- retrieve your email addresses from a preset webform
- and Add these email addresses to your "Subscribe List"

To Set up the "message Rule" you need to:
a/ Go to the Classical setting of the software. Then go to "Message Rule" under "Mail Accounts"
b/ Press "New" Tab at top
c/ You will need to specify the rule, and make sure that in point 2. you select the action for your rule. Please choose: - Process web form with

*Note your mailing list needs to have: Name, Email and Date fields: http://www.apexpacific.com/knowledgebase/mailcommunicator/screenshot/sendrules1.html

* For screen shots on how to do this follow the link below: http://www.apexpacific.com/knowledgebase/mailcommunicator/screenshot/createnewmessagerule1.html

2. You will then need to create a "Send Rule" for every newsletter:
a/ In the Classical setting of the software, go to "Send Rules" under "Send Mail Campaigns"
b/ Press "New" Tab at top
c/ Create a Send Rule for every newsletter. You should have a total number of 30 send rules, each should look like the following example:
Eg: 1. Name of rule: Newsletter 1
2. Specify the condition for your rule: After 1 day from {Date} field
3. Select the action for your rule: Click only on : - Send message

The last email should look like this:
1. Name of rule: Newsletter 30
2. Specify the condition for your rule:After 30 days from {Date} field
3. Select the action for your rule:
- Send message
- Remove email address from mailing list (this will allow you to separate the emails you have sent the 30 day newsletters to from others you havenít sent it to)
- Move email address to (you need to specify a master mailing list that you would like these to be added to)

* You can see screen shots of this process via following the direct link below: http://www.apexpacific.com/knowledgebase/mailcommunicator/screenshot/images/auto-sendrules.jpg

3. Now you need to make a Draft email for each newsletter you have in your "Draft".
a/ Go to Draft
b/ Select the "New" Tab
c/ Import your newsletter
d/ To: specify your mail list that you have created before
e/ Select " Send Rules " in " message this session"
f/ then "newsletter 1" for newsletter 1, or "newsletter2" for newsletter 2, etc....

*Note you will need to make 30 drafts one for each newsletter and each newsletter will have a message rule it corresponds to.

4. Hit Send

* Note that the drafts will be saved in your outbox as they are reccuring mail.


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