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Apex Pacific iAward Finalist 2001

Once again Dynamic Submission 2000 (now SEO Suite) has performed outstandingly. Our company has been selected as a Finalist of the "2001 AIIA's iAwards". It is a prestigious award and only event of its kind in Australia. The aim of AIIA's iAwards program is to reward those who truly excel in the deployment and development of Information Technology. iAwards, Australia's most innovative developers and users of IT, it helps to market products, build relationships, raise their profile and network on the national and international stage. The event was Sponsored by by Telstra, Microsoft, IBM, United Airlines, Austrade and 90East.

Brother Business Software Awards

Dynamic Submission 2000 (now SEO Suite) has been named a finalist to the Small Business Show's Brother Business Software Award, the richest of its kind in the world with the winner going off with over a quarter of a million dollars worth of prizes. As a finalist, Dynamic Submission 2000 had the opportunity to showcase itself at the Business Software World Trade Show held in Darling Harbor, Sydney and received $5000 worth of prizes. Finalists were selected as having designed key software that will help small businesses in their day-to-day operations in the coming years. Competition was fierce, although Dynamic Submission 2000 did not win the first prize, we are very proud to announce that Dynamic Submission 2000 has been selected as a finalist in the category of Best Business Software of the Year for Outstanding Achievement in the Research, Development, and Presentation of Business Software. The opportunity to attend the tradeshow as exhibitors opened our doors to many opportunities and exposure to future business partners and clients. The Brother Business Software Award is a very prestigious award in Australia. Sponsored by: Brother, Microsoft, Austrade, Commonwealth Bank, Computer Associates. More information about Dynamic Submission 2000 at:

As a finalist of the Brother Business Software Award, Dynamic Submission 2000 has also been featured in the Small Business Show program on Channel 9 Television(Australia), at Sunday 7:30am AEST, 26th November 2000.

Consensus Software Awards

Dynamic Submission 2000 (now SEO Suite) has performed outstandingly recently for being selected as a Finalist of the " 2001 Consensus Software Awards ". This is the second major award Dynamic Submission 2000 has received within 6 months. The aim of the Consensus Software Awards program is to present to the world Australia's finest software. Outstanding software that is innovative, delivers real performance benefits and exhibits further market potential. Sponsored by: Austrade, IBM, AIIA(Australian Information Industry Associates, Lotus, Trioll.

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Dynamic Submission 2000 (now SEO Suite) is recommended as "Best Buys" by reviewers of the Sydney Morning Herald(Australia's most popular Newspaper) and was featured on the ICON section of the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 13 April 2001.

Dynamic Submission 7.0 (now SEO Suite) has won 5 stars in the review section of "There are many companies that report they can get you top ranking in search engines, but it's very unlikely that they can guarantee this - someone has to be first and someone has to be 51,581,213rd - the trick is to get search engines to recognise your site as an important one for your industry, and there is one such product that can help - Dynamic Submission..." read review