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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Mail Communicator™

Q:How to set up a DOUBLE OPT IN list

DOUBLE OPT IN occurs when you verify a subscription twice before adding the email to your mailing list. To set this up in Mail Communicator, follow the steps below:

1. Create a Message rule like this:

If a "Subject" line contains "Subscribe" then send a reply message with a specific subject(such as "Please confirm your subscription").

2. Then you create a second message rule like this:

If a "Subject" line contains "Please confirm your subscription" then add email address to the mailing list.

As you can see, when the user subscribes to your mailing list for the first time, it does not add him or her to the mailing list. Instead, it will send a confirmation email, so that he or she needs to reply to the confirmation email before they are added to the mailing list.


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How to set up a DOUBLE OPT IN list?