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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Mail Communicator™

Q:Can I send personalized attachments with my emails

Yes, you can send personalized attachments with Mail Communicator.

To do this, you simply add a customized name(for example, "[invoice]") for the attachment in your "mailing list", then please put all the files you want to send under one folder and under this folder create a dummy file with the same name(in this case, it will be "invoice.file extension", where "file extention" will be replaced with the actual file youw want to send, for example, if it is PDF file, then it will be "invoice.pdf") . When sending the email, please choose this file as your attachment.

When sending the email, the program will read your attachments field and change the "invoice.pdf" to the information provided in the field.

For example:

You want to send an invoice to each of your clients every month, first, you would put all the invoices under one folder with the client ID as the file name for each invoice. These files can be in any format (i.e. .doc or .pdf). For example:


Then while creating the mailing list please add a field called "[invoice]". Then for each email, please enter the file name under this field (you do not have to enter the file extension i.e. if the file you need to send is invoice-10001.pdf, then just enter "invoice-10001"). Here is a sample of your mailing list will look like:

[Email], [Name], [Invoice]
Smith@apexpacific.com, David Smith, invoice-10001
sam@apexpacific.com, Sam Peter, invoice-10002

After doing this, please create a dummy file under the folder where all the invoices are and call it "[invoice].pdf". Note: This could be any file extension depending on your attachment type).

When sending an email in Mail Communicator, under the "attachment" field, please choose "[invoice].pdf" as the attachment file and the program will personalise this file with the actual file name(Invoice file) it takes from the field in your mailing list.


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