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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Mail Communicator™

Q:What does it cost to purchase a second license

We offer the following discounts for clients who want to buy more than one copy of Mail Communicator (more than one license):

1. More than one copy, 20%
2. More than 10 copies, 25%
3. More than 25 copies, 30%
4. 50 Copies or more, 35%


General FAQ

What does it cost to purchase a second license?

Does Dynamic MailCommunicator support Exchange Server POP3?

Does Mail Communicator support the Email tracking feature?

When I try to verify emails, I always get a "time-out" error. Why does this happen?

How do I check if my SMTP Mail server is correct or not?

I have installed the software and run the program, but only the splash screen appears and the program itself doesnt launch. What is the problem?

How do I backup and restore my Mail Communicator Settings and Data?

Using Mail Communicator With a Firewall