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Tutorial - Dynamic Mail Communicator™

Creating New Mailing List:

On the File menu, click New and then choose Mailing List. (Or on the toolbar, click New from the drop down menu, and select Mailing List)

Select an option to create mailing list. You can create a New List Or Import existing list. But here we will Create New Mailing List. Click Next

Select multiple fields such as your name, company name, and your address to your mailing list file, so that can you send "Personalized" messages when sending emails. In this scenario we have selected Email and Name fields. Click Next

Specify the Name, Description and Location of the mailing List. Click Next

And Last of all Click Finish to complete the mailing list formation process

After clicking the Finish button Mailing list Editor will open where you can input your Email addresses and Names accordingly into the specified fields. Click Save to save your mailing list