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Keyword Library - It is a keyword database with collections of keywords describing your web site for you to access and retrieve anytime. With this feature, you can easily reuse, store and manage the relevant keywords for your web promotion purpose.

1. Select a web profile. Or create your web project, web profile and enter all the site details (see Create a Web Profile for details).

2. Click the "Keyword/Keyword Library" item from the menu bar and you will be led to the "Keyword Library" screen.

3. Click “New” icon to add a new master keyword.

4. Then click the "Keyword Builder" icon from the tool bar to generate a new collections of keywords relating to your web site. This will open new screen as shown below:

5. Once you have generated keyword list and saved them in the keyword library, simply select the keyword in the “Master Keyword List” to retrieve all the relevant keyword collections saved early.

6. The default screen of "Relevant Keyword Collections" is one keyword per line, you can select "separate by comma" to change the view.

7. Click the "Delete" icon in the tool bar to delete the selected Master keyword from "Keyword Library". Highlight the keyword in the "Relevant keyword collections" and right click your mouse to delete, copy or paste the keywords.

8. Click the "Close" icon in the tool bar to exit the Keyword Library.


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