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Skip Submission due to over the resubmit frequency limit:

Skip Submission due to over resubmit frequency limit: This feature existed to protect you from accidental spamming of the search engines. However some people have special needs and want to turn it off.

You can simply uncheck the option indicated in the above screenshot to turn it off.

If you can not see the option as I have showed in the screenshot, please follow the steps below to update your program Please try update to the latest version which should solve your problem.

  1. Download the file "ds.exe" from http://www.edynamicsoft.com/update/ds.exe
  2. SAVE this file into your Dynamic Submission's program directory to overwrite your existing "ds.exe" file.
  3. Restart the Dynamic Submission Software.
  4. If you still have any problem, please send us the "Error.log" file located in the Dynamic Submission's program directory and we will check that for you.




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