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Scheduler - This feature allows you to schedule your submission task to run the submission automatically at specific time with specific intervals. For example, you can set up the scheduler to submit your web site very 30 days.

1. Select a web profile. Or create your web project, web profile and enter all the site details (see Create a Web Profile for details).
2. Click the “Schedule” button in the tool bar to open “scheduler” window.
3. Click “New” icon in the “scheduler” screen to create a new task, the “schedule Event” screen will be prompted.
4. Select the web site profile from the list, with which you want to run the scheduler.
5. Enter the name of your schedule event in the “name” field at the bottom for identification. (You can enter the company name if you provide submission service for different companies).
6. Go to “Schedule” tab at the bottom to specify the date you'd like to start the submission.
7. Check the box to select the frequency of submission: monthly, fortnightly, quarterly or even weekly by specifying the day of the week.
8. Click “OK”. A new schedule task will be added to the scheduler list.
9. Click “Edit” button in the “scheduler” screen to modify the selected task details.
10. To delete a task, select the task from the list and click the “delete" button in the tool bar to remove that schedule task.
11. Click “View Log” to view your schedule details.
12. Click “Run Now” button in the tool bar to execute the selected task.
13. Click “Close” to exit scheduler screen.

Important things to know about scheduler.

1. You have to leave the computer running and have the Dynamic Submission scheduler up at time of scheduled submission.
2. You have to have access to internet at the time, Dynamic Submission scheduler will not create internet connection itself.
3. You can not have the Dynamic Submission software's main program running at time of scheduled submission, the scheduler is programmed not to carry out submission if the main program is running at the time.




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