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Assisted Support

Get help from our professional support . Support options for Apex Software™ could include phone or e-mail assistance.

  • Technical Support
  • Our Technical staff is available to assist our valuable customers with any type of technical problem. We train our staff to guide each customer through their individual problem, until it is resolved.
  • Sales Inquiry
  • Please let us know of should you have any question regarding Sales.

Online SEO Solution

  • Online SEO Service
  • Looking for a web based and online Search Engine Optimization solution, Dynamic SEO is an Automated online Search Engine submission and Optimization (SEO) tools to boost your web site traffic.
Frequently Asked Questions - SEO Suite

Solutions to common issues in using SEO Suite the latest, state-of-the-art search engine optimization software.

»What is keyword Prominance and Proximity?
»How can i back up my data in the program and restore it?
»I have installed the software and run the program, only the splash screen appears.... the program doesnt launch...What is the problem?
»How do I Always Start SEO Suite 8 in Administrator Mode on Windows 7 or Vista
»Can I see a sample of the reports generated by Advance Tools?
»Whatíííís the different between SEO Suite and Dynamic Submission?

Link Building
»I have submitted my web site to 1,000 search engines using your software, I watch my backlinks and I see less than 100 backlinks. How many time it take to be accepted in the 1000 ?
»I submited my website to 1000 search engines, when I check my backlinks in Google, I cannot see any backlink, why?
»I have submitted my web site to 1,000 search engines, how long it will take to see back links?

Registration and Setup
»When I tried to register I got error message that my registration code is invalid, Why?
»What shall I do if my registration code is cancelled?
»I have entered a proxy server, why do I still have problem with internet connection
»Using SEO Suite With a Firewall

Site Submission
»How many Search Engines will SEO Suite post my web site details to ? (How often do you update your engine data file)
»Is submission by SEO Suite accepted by all Search Engines?
»How often shall I submit my web sites to the search engines ? (Will my web site got banned by search engines if I submit it too often?)
»Whatís the difference between the Site Info of web profile and the Meta Tag?
»Will i able to submit many sites or only a limited sites, do these submissions really go to searchengines, should i get a confirmation email from every search engines?
»My SEO Suite only submits to 482 search engines, not over 1,000. Thatís doesnít make sense. Please explain.

Web Ranking
»What is and How is the Ranking Score calculated?
»What format can SEO Suite Web Ranking generate itís reports?
»Which major search engines does SEO Suite Web Ranking supports?
»The program is not returning correct result for some engines, what do I do?
»All queries result in failed after running the Web ranking for a while. When attempting to search google through a normal window I have to confirm that I am human with a captcha code. What should I do?
»When I go to Google in Firefox or Internet Explorer, the keyword that i‚m looking up shown 18, but SEO Suite (Web Ranking Report) shows position 19. When I manually check, it should be 18 not 19. Why is this?
»How does Ranking Score work?
»My Web Ranking shows no positions in Google. However, when doing a manual search it appears in position number 3, why?